Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition Review | PlayStation Enthusiast

"The rogue-like genre of gaming has quickly become a growing trend in which players are tasked with having to keep a character alive all the way to the end of an experience, or face having to start from the beginning. Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition for the PS4 follows in this genre and is an upgraded version of the title which launched last year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Atlus and ACE Team have re-released the 2D rogue-like platformer bundled up with all the DLC previously released for the original versions of the game, along with enhanced with updated visuals, multiplayer aspects and new move-sets make this the definitive version of the game to play. However, stiff combat mechanics and not enough improvements made to the core gameplay hinder the experience. -- PlayStation Enthusist

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