The Good and Bad of Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 Event

NDTV Gadgets says: "The sheer number of announcements aside, not all of them were good. Rather, the entire affair was a mixed bag. And instead of having to figure out which was which, we've taken it upon ourselves to save you the trouble. Here's the best and worst of Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 press conference."

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ScorpiusX932d ago

Think the entire line up was awesome.

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Automatic79932d ago

I believe the show was an extension to E3 and they did a fantastic job of giving us games. My Greatest games lineup started this week with Rare Replay what a great game. Gears of War and Metal Gear Next.

BlackPanther932d ago

It was a solid conference. The only bad part was the Halo 5 part. While I enjoy it showcasing E-Sports at a conference is not too great of an idea.

Especially when you don't even detail things for the average consumer and explain the tools we can use.

Dlacy13g932d ago

Yeah the Halo 5 stuff felt a bit out of place. I get what they were going for but it just felt odd compared to the rest of the show.

I also wasn't over the moon with the Windows 10 DirectX 12 Final Fantasy XV demo in terms of how it presented but that was it for the negative.

ThePope932d ago

I kind of thought the E-sports thing was cool. What didn't you like?

I agree the FF demo seemed like a very rough cut that they started working on yesterday. Though the fact you could see dried tears on her face was nuts.

Dlacy13g932d ago

@ThePope... its not that I didnt like the E-Sports stuff for Halo 5 I just felt the presentation of it was just off. I think there are some really cool things you can do for shoutcasting/broadcasting a Halo game now as in tools... but they breezed right over it. I mean it looks like you can do some rewind stuff to show the pathways everyone is taking in a replay..lets talk more about that! Show me how this could be cool for my community and not just show me a match.

Immorals932d ago

FIFA really killed the mood for me. I swear I nearly fell asleep, leave it for EA's conference!

snoopgg932d ago

Its not always hate, but difference of opinion. Everyone has one, so try and respect it before calling someone a hater. You calling out someone a hater makes you a hater!!!

elarcadia931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

I was most definitely just quoting the song "Playas Gon' Play" by 3LW. If you don't understand comedy or sarcasm, feel free to visit

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The story is too old to be commented.