Competitive Call of Duty moves to Playstation 4 starting with Black Ops 3

GearNuke writes: "Call of Duty eSports, in official capacities, has been played exclusively on Microsoft consoles starting with the Xbox 360 last generation."

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NobleRed1141d ago ShowReplies(2)
ThatIrishGamer1141d ago

Cod has been butchered. The last one was an absolute monstrosity. . . And this one being Treyarch will no doubt be even worse.

Sure world at war was good. . But that's basically because they took CoD4, the best cod ever, and just reskinned it with very little actual effort.

Microsoft are not bothered about losing the perks of cod partnership. . . They know that cod had its day in the sun and is now a has been.

Sony picking up the scraps.

BitbyDeath1141d ago

I wasn't a fan of COD4 either but doesn't stop it from selling millions each time.

XBLSkull1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Not really a CoD fan either. Once they drop all the perks/killstreaks and bring it back to a simple but awesome WWII game I'll go ahead and pick it up.

I think the whole moving to PS4 was really just a slap in the face of CoD fans though. Should have done it at the beginning of the generation. Undoubtedly, there are a bunch of CoD fans that really only play CoD, bought X1 because Xbox has always been the best place to play CoD, and now they are out of luck. I feel bad for those guys.

Now you are going to have gaming tournaments with the CoD crowd playing on Xbox, and have to play now on a worse controller? Whole thing seems like a mess to me... glad I'm not a CoD fan lol... except CoD 1-3.

Unreal011141d ago

Cod is still selling millions upon millions. This is a huge win for Sony. Stop being so opinionated.

CerebralAssassin1141d ago

There's nothing wrong with being opinionated. Why would you tell someone not to express their opinion. It's THEIR opinion. Wether it's right or wrong it's still theirs.

supersonicjerry1141d ago

this is actually one of the best cods minus the specialist thing that most won't like . I had so much fun playing it at E3. Don't knock it till you try it.

BitbyDeath1141d ago

I wish they would drop regenerative health. That is my biggest bug bear with FPS's these days.

Clown_Syndr0me1141d ago

I had a blast playing AW at EGX last year. Then bought it on release played it for a couple of days then gave up on it.

sactownlawyer9161141d ago

Keep telling yourself that. Cod will be the best selling game this holiday. No matter how much you dont like it.

ThatIrishGamer1141d ago

Want to love it. Many many cod4 memories. Ruined by exo jumping which was hated by the community. . . So what do Treyarch do?. . . Make the exo jumping even more Prominent. This should be the year cod fails.

People need to wake up.

Unreal011141d ago

Exo jumping isn't even in Black Ops 3. If you're talking about that tiny boost jump to get through windows then yeah, that's not really anything like Advanced Warfare. It's like you're hating on something you don't even know anything about.

YingYng1141d ago

Bigger than Fallout 4?

xfiles20991141d ago

The people who disagree his statement actually believe Halo will be the best selling video game. I think Call of Duty is going to be huge for Sony. It will sell millions as well as push console sales. The only games I can see even coming close to Call of Duty sales is Fallout 4 and Battlefront. If any game can beat COD in ales it is those 2.

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objdadon1141d ago

Lol, treyarch makes the best cods. They never "butcher" cod, only infinity ward and now sledgehammer does.

FlexLuger1141d ago

I disagree. Cod has not been any good since MW2. After that sthe series fatigue had well and truly set in. Now it just looks a lot like titanfall without mech..what with all the wall running and futuristic weapons. Ill just keep playing TF. Its a better game. and in a year where halo, starwars and rainbow six are coming, I dont have much room for COD. But I always loved reading the comments. some of the funniest slating of COD I have ever read has been on N4G by Psfans. Now they are all proud to be associated with a big selling franchise like COD, apparently.

Man, this console cycle has been entertaining to watch the companies and their fans change of perspectives. But one side is denying it more than the other, thats for sure...

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Cuzzo631141d ago

Microsoft must told you this directly. Oh...

showtimefolks1141d ago


this fall when advertisements play for some of the biggest 3rd party games they will all end with ps4 logo and some exclusive wording

that may not matter to you or me as core gamers who visit gaming sites daily. but believe me to casuals that will make a huge difference

and you lost all your cedibility when you said treyarch are worst come on man. I am not even a cod fan and I know treyarch cod entries are some of the best in the series. please stop trying to hate so much

batman already was with ps4 and had a exclusive bundle

mgs 5 is with ps4 and 3xclusive bundle along with marketing

destiny taken king is also getting a new ps4 bundle along with exclusive content and exclusive marketing

call of duty 30 days of exclusive dlc and marketing deal

the biggest star wars also gonna be aligned with ps4 for marketing

if you think these won't help Sony move a lot of hardware than you don't know nothing about business side of things. Xbox 360 was basically successful for these sort of deals they made with some of the biggest 3rd party publishers

did you know that Sony hire the advertisement firm that was working with ms on Xbox 360? so they may know a thing or two about selling consoles

Thatguy-3101141d ago

Treyarch>infinity ward.
Just saying.
Infinity Ward lost its touch after MW2

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scark921141d ago

I feel like they are focusing way too much on Esports.. Somewhat off putting for me!

STK0261141d ago

I watched the eSport event they had today, and wasn't a big fan of what I saw. It's not that it's a bad game by any mean, but personally, I would love to at least have one CoD title go back to what made CoD4:MW so good. Fast paced multiplayer, but without all the added gimmicks and the overly futuristic weaponry.

Of course, it's all a matter of personal preferences. Some wish the series would go back to WWII, others love it the way it is right now. For me, Call of Duty was at its best in MW and MW2.

As for competitive gaming, it makes sense for them to go with the console with the biggest install base.

BlackTar1871141d ago

I like COD with 3 KS UAV, Bomber, Attack chopper

leave it at that please

MetroidFREAK211141d ago

I love CoD... But esports are stupid

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