Metal Gear Solid V's Latest Demo Has an Odd Reference to Kojima's P.T Project

Metal Gear Solid V has received a brand new demo in time for Gamescom that gives us a detailed tour of the Mother Base. Eagle eyed users will be able to spot a reference to Kojima's P.T demo, which is written on various objects around the Mother Base in the half hour long demo.

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PhoenixUp1143d ago

Wasn't there supposed to be an item that displays an image of one of the PT ghosts to distract the guards

DarkOcelet1143d ago

That was removed the last time the gameplay demo was shown.

SmokingMonkey1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I hope it's a Kojima Easter egg troll on Konami.

Looks like the spider represents Konami, it must be from before the whole P.T. mess me thinks.

$10 that container has the New Silent Hill Pachinko machines

LordMaim1143d ago

If you watch the mother base demo, you'll see other players have different logos/initials. It looks like a customization.

rebeljoe141143d ago

Maybe it stands for Personnel Things, and thats where they keep all the nude mags

scark921143d ago

I think it was snuck in there, directly refering the Playable Teaser and pretended to be something else!

jay21143d ago

Twats killing it so angry

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