Vuzix Update - More Games Go Virtual

The Vuzix virtual reality headset has just released a software update that boosts the number of games supported. Notable additions include Halo, GTA San Andreas, Lord of the Rings Online, and Spore. Continue on for full details.

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Nostradavis3520d ago

If only that girl would open up a little wider...

Twizlex3520d ago

So you could see more of her gums?

funkeystu3520d ago

Yeah, what the hell is she looking at exactly...she looks a little *too* interested imho

Twizlex3520d ago

I just might need to buy one of these if it keeps supporting more games.

Twizlex3520d ago

It's stupid that I can't put this in the PS3 and 360 channels considering you can use the headset on them. Freaking nazis!