Xbox One’s Best Show Ever


Gamescom apparently brings out the best in Microsoft, and Kyle is digging the new vibes.

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Walker1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Agreed but scalebound disappointed me as hell ! i expected something like bayonetta and other masterclass platinum games in combat design !

BlackPanther1143d ago

Yea, it is different than those games. It is an action RPG. Could still be a great game but if you are looking for a Bayonetta type game you will be disappointed.

Fro_xoxo1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Scale is a an RPG so it wouldn't make sense to have that juggling combat system from DmC.. Scale seems to be a game in the Monster hunter genre..

The japanese might love it.

christocolus1143d ago

That's true, Its an rpg but there is still so much we haven't seen though but i'm sure the final thing will be perfect. Kamiya always delivers

AngelicIceDiamond1143d ago

Actually the fact that its Action RPG is absolutely perfect. Yeah it won't be "over the top" like bayonetta or DMC. Your virtually controlling two characters, that dragon is with you the WHOLE entire time so the gameplay naturally needs to be slower and more methodical. But the fact that its Action RPG tells me the game will be long. I'm just waiting for Hideki to announce "it has 100+ hrs of gameplay.

And its 4 player co op and your friends have their own unique dragons and skills to show off?

This is the game I personally have been waiting for.

"throws money at Hideki."

dkp231142d ago

So you expected the same game with a different name? Now i know why people keep supporting these stupid annual game releases, they are disappointing when something isnt the same as another game.

Walker1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

hell no bro, i donot want same game i just wanted much more deeper combat system !

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christocolus1143d ago

Nice. I think most people are really impressed. Gamers and critics alike. Great job MS.

maybelovehate1143d ago

If they had more on Sea of Thieves and Gears 4 it would have been perfect. But it was still awesome.

RpgSama1143d ago

This was a really good show, but best xbox one show ever? I think E3 2015 was still better, we already knew what games they were going to show at gamescom months in advance with the exception of the very nice surprise of Halo Wars 2 and KI season 3.

candystop1142d ago

Nah, Xbox fans wanted to see game play and never before seen footage of games like Scale bound and Crackdown 3. E3 was great but was nowhere near as epic as this show. Just my opinion of course but I feel Microsoft had a much better showing at Gamescom than its competitors E3 offerings. I mean answers and video to the cloud were even answered for the first time and if you don't think it was big news you will soon.

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