Just Cause 3: Dev's Preferred Platform is PS4

VG247: "Just Cause 3 Devs just told us that, even if the game was showed on Xbox One and PC, their platform of choice is PlayStation 4"

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Walker1077d ago

Easy to develop and more powerfull , an easy choice !

DeadlyOreo1077d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees, it is well known that this is the truth lol.

dantesparda1077d ago

It would have been nice if they had said why. But this is the state of development in this day and age, everything is a big state secret. Its ridiculous.

Qrphe1077d ago

"Don't know why you're getting disagrees,"

You're honestly stating you don't know why?

Magicite1077d ago

They are preferring PS4 over PC? Nice to hear :)

Haru1077d ago

It's the best platform out there because it's the most powerful console and the easiest platform to code for

freshslicepizza1077d ago

that is fine as long as they don't neglect or downgrade the pc version because of it. makes sense to favor the ps4 over the xbox one but not the pc.

JamesBroski1077d ago

Consoles are easier to develop. If the game works on one PS4, it will most likely work on every other consoles. You cannot say the same on PC though.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

It really does say something when PS4 is the deveoper's choice. Most developers feel the same way.

PS4 is the peoples and developers favourite console. It's clearly the superior console out there at the moment.

someOnecalled1077d ago

wouldnt that be pc. the last just cause looked like a ps4 game compared to the ps3 version

morganfell1077d ago

No, because the PC environment also calls for the programming of a vast number of variables based on untold hardware configurations, software, and multiple operating systems.

ThanatosDMC1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Console gaming is where the money is made. Just check Ubisoft's report.

hduce1077d ago

Easier to develop for and more powerful than the PC?

sovkhan1077d ago

Much easier than pc for devs but power is on pc side, everyone knows that.

meche3341077d ago

uk what else higher profit because of more console sales

TheSaint1077d ago

Love it, JC3 and F4 is all I need!

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JJShredder1077d ago

Stupid. Start with PC and port to consoles. That's how it should be for any multi-platform game. Starting with weaker consoles means games that are held back as a whole.

someOnecalled1077d ago

you know what that means im not buying. most support came from pc community. maybe when it get to the $20 range ill buy. but devs putting the pc community in the backburner is not flying with me.

Mr Logic1077d ago

And people wonder why PC gamers get shafted. It's because PC gamers are many times stuck up, whiny, and cheap, many times not buying games until huge discounts. The games industry is about money and consoles make more. Simple.

dantesparda1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Oh please, console gamers are the same or even worst.

LamerTamer1077d ago

@Mr Logic

I don't think that is why, I think it is because PC gamers are pirates for the most part. You can't make much money if gamers are downloading a cracked version of your game for free.

BitbyDeath1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Problem is most PC gamers have machines with worse specs than PS4 and devs would waste a lot of effort and money if they targeted the tiny demographic with high spec machines.

Haru1077d ago

Also it's easier to code for PS4 than pc

starchild1077d ago

If you consider every PC out there that plays games a 'gaming PC' then maybe. But there are still far more gaming PCs out there with more power than the PS4 than there are PS4s sold. The total numbers are what matter, not the percentage.

Look up the sales for graphics cards at about the gtx 750 Ti performance level or higher and you will find there are more gaming PCs with greater performance than the PS4 than there are PS4s sold.

In any case, PC game sales, even for publishers like EA and Ubisoft which aren't very popular with PC gamers in general, are still better than most other platforms and comparable to even the leading console. Overall game sales on PC are much greater than any console platform.

spacedelete1077d ago

if it wasn't for consoles PC wouldn't even get any games other than what it usually has like World of Warcraft and rts games. the game industry would be dead if it wasn't for consoles. you PC owners don't realise consoles are the money makers. people on PC either pirate or wait until a Steam sale where the dev is essentially giving it away.

Bathyj1077d ago

This is true. How often do you hear a PC gamer saying "I'll wait for a steam sale" if theres even a little aspect of the game that doesnt meet their inflated expectations, and how often do you hear console gamers say "DAY ONE".

Console gamers support devs and publishers more than PC gamers in my opinion by actually buying games, when new and less piracy. PC gamers are way more demanding and expect everything bigger, better and cheaper because their machines are technically capable of it and they want everything at a sale price.

Consoles are what make the games industry a viable business. If all console makers quit tomorrow the games industry would die a quick death or even more likely in this day and age, move fully over to mobile and social media games. No one wants that. Im fine that PC gamers have their noses in the air, let them keep their sense of superiority, it doesnt bother me, but at least give respect for what consoles do for all gamers.

1077d ago
starchild1077d ago

@spacedelete & Bathyj

Except that isn't true. You're simply falsely stereotyping. I'm a PC gamer and I'm happy to buy many of my games at full price on day one. Many other PC gamers I know are the same way. Sales are nice too, but I don't rely on them.

The data also doesn't support the picture you're trying to paint. The PC is a thriving gaming platform that generates a significant portion of the revenue for most game companies. Recent financial reports from companies like Ubisoft and EA show this quite clearly. The PC was on par with the leading console platform and ahead of all the others.

You can't combine all consoles together as if they were one monolithic gaming platform. That's not the way it is. Each platform has its own games that require their own development time. You can't play the games meant for one console in another console.

The truth is, the gaming industry needs all of the current platforms to thrive and exist as it does today. If any of the major platforms disappeared it would be a blow to the industry.

sovkhan1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Yep!!! spend whole lotta money to satisfy the ones that spend less...and are a tiny weeny part of the iceberg aka high end pcs!!!

Then port it to where the butter is made and waste more money adapting its to abide by consoles standards!!!

Talk about logic.

Qrphe1077d ago

What would be stupid is to focus development on the least profitable platform, it's business and why you always seen this happen over and over and over again.

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ScorpiusX1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

If it wasn't for the BC deal I would rent this one just out of spite.

LordMaim1077d ago

So you would have forgone a game that you obviously want to play, just because the developers expressed an opinion about a console? What would that have accomplished?

ScorpiusX1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

You're damn right , I would he's a FING developer not suppose air your preference. That's things you keep to yourself especially when dealing with various companies. Now that I think about am buying it second hand ,they can keep the second one .

LordMaim1077d ago

@castillo: He's a developer, not a political candidate. And I don't see what his likes or dislikes have to do with your enjoyment of a game. I enjoyed GTAV just fine even though I didn't have a Xbox 360 at the time of the DLC release. It didn't make me not play the game, or buy it used. What if he likes steak and you're a vegan? Are you going to like his game less?

wellard1077d ago


He's a developer of course he's allowed to have an opinion. Obsurd comment little dude, absolutely Obsurd comment.

Letthewookiewin1077d ago

Imagine if all Xboys were like you, and nobody bought the X1 version.. Send that message to devs.

ScorpiusX1077d ago

Don't care about all others , its what I believe to be an asinine move by a developer to air his preference like a little kid .

LordMaim1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Really. All that does is reduce sales on the Xbox One. How will that make Avalanche want to support the console?

wellard1077d ago

No, you're just sulking because he didn't pick your favourite console. Keep going, nobody here thinks you're being a childish little sod. /s

ScorpiusX1077d ago

Am the one being childish , yet am not the one posting my preference in my line of work and creating uncomfortable situation that will arise from this .

Antifan1077d ago

You're crying a ocean of saltwater. It's delicious :)

Rimeskeem1077d ago

Who shat in your cereal this morning

LamerTamer1077d ago

Blame MS for building a console with a weak GPU. It isn't the devs fault.

MasterCornholio1077d ago

Your actually quite immature with this. If the game didn't have BC you wouldn't buy it because one of their developers prefer the PS4?

Seems quite childish to me go boycott a product just because one of the employees don't agree with you. You know deep down that his preference won't affect the quality of the game. In the end the game will be the same across all three platforms.

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Germany71077d ago

The game looks awesome, day 1 for sure.

jay21077d ago

Well see its the more powerful console

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