And Now For Something Completely Different: Halo Wars 2

Just squeaking through the closing door of Xbox’s showing at this year’s Gamescom, Halo Wars 2 wrapped up everything nicely in a neat bow, delivering something legitimately new and unexpected after a smattering of reheated leftovers from E3.

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FlexLuger1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Looking forward to warring with PC gamers on this from my xbox. Lets settle our differences over a game of war. I got dibs on the red team. You guys have been absent from halo for too long to call dibs on team colours. ;)

3-4-51142d ago

Can't wait to play this.

Erik73571142d ago

They gonna kill yo ass with that keyboard lol

FlexLuger1142d ago


Your probably right but Ill take one for the team until MS roll out KB/M support to level the playing field. Then it will be about who has the better tactical mind. And I got them warrior instincts yo! Honed on halo, no less! ;)

Gunstar751142d ago

My fave game on 360! I've been waiting for this for years! Hopefully we'll get halo wars on BC

Gunstar751142d ago

Is it???? When where how?!?!? :0)

MPScrimshaw1142d ago

Time to create 35 Gauss Cannon Warthogs to swarm the enemy base. So many game-breaking strategies in the first game.

callumjack1142d ago

thats so satisfying though, just obliterating enemies with what is essentially mad max with warthogs

OhMyGandhi1142d ago

"It was hard to know who was more crazy... me... or everyone else."

ZhukNasimPog1142d ago

But if everyone's crazy doesn't that make it the norm?

raggy-rocket1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Ok, I think we all need to communicate this:

PLEASE INCLUDE SPACE BATTLES IT'S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Star wars: empire at war space battles were some of my favourite pc memories, imagine it with Halo!!! Longswords and cruisers vs Covenant Super Carriers. Absolutely my number 1 wish for Halo wars 2

I want the player limit upped to 4 vs 4, more detailed models, updated and more units to choose from, new leaders (3 from each side is fine but I'd love more, but it's hard to balance. Imagine playing as the Didact). I want space battles and just bigger scale e.g 10 troopers per one unit you make instead of a group of just 5. Bigger, better, more explosions. This announcement reminded me of how much I loved the first one.

Halo wars was one of my favourite halo games, had a long campaign, good story, amazing gameplay and a great console RTS. Definitely up there as one of the best. This announcement made my year.

FlexLuger1142d ago

This type of game would be pretty cool with hololens now that I think about it...

callumjack1142d ago

Holy shit he's right, that would be fantastic, especially for pre-game intel stuff between levels with an AI

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