New Final Fantasy XV footage shows recurring enemy Malboro

During the Active Time Report live stream at Gamescom 2015, Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata showed brand new footage from the game. The brief gameplay ended with a fight against Malboro, a recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series.

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DarkOcelet866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

The graphics looks insane! Makes me wonder how FFVII Remake will look like :O...

Also that Malboro owned them lol.

Magicite866d ago

FF games have always had top notch graphics and this time is not an exception, I just wish they would make PC version that wouldn't be just a port.

Hozi866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

I would really love to see a PC version. and not to discredit the PS Brand that I grew up with a love it's just I know the game has so many fans we'd sure be modding the heck out of it creating memories on top of memories...

P.S.-imagine modders creating new bosses, weapons, magic, monsters, and missions....

crazychris4124866d ago

Lol I read the title and thought a giant pack of cigarettes would be attacking you. Anyway the game looks pretty good. Look forward to seeing more gameplay.

remixx116866d ago

You crack me up 😂😂

Jinryo866d ago

Funny that the title of the video says it's Marlboro, not Malboro ;]

DemonChicken866d ago

Glad someone pointed that out, I thought that too when I saw the trailer earlier - I thought what? Cigarettes?

(Marlboro is a brand of cigs just in case some of you guys didn't know)

Fullmetalevolust866d ago

No, cigarettes are bad for you! Cast water spell!

Kurisu866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

*sparks up and casts "Bad Breath" *

Fullmetalevolust866d ago

Sh*t, which potion do I use to stop this ailment?

DemonChicken866d ago

I would either wear a ribbon or use remedy when inflicted

But I would rather cast fire (or use ifrit) than water xD

remixx116866d ago

Or uses tempered will to break the bind and run out of the aoe unless you have a healer on side to cast ensuna then you can ju............I'm so sorry I lost myself.....damn you final fantasy xiv.

Kurisu866d ago

I'll just use Bad Breath again once you've remedied yourself to cause unrivalled chaos >:D

GrapesOfRaf866d ago

Better get your ribbons ready.

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The story is too old to be commented.