Check out Rash from Battletoads in this Killer Instinct trailer

"Yesterday, during Xbox’s briefing at Gamescom, we learned a bit about Season 3 of Killer Instinct, including the fact that Rash from Battletoads is one of the playable additions being made to the game. Here’s a little trailer for you, just to show you how awesome that is, in case you didn’t already know."

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christocolus1077d ago


Guys you should check this out too.

Xb1ps41077d ago

Wow... I can only imagine a new battle toads game..

This was def. A out of the ordinary and un expected to me but great none the less..

christocolus1077d ago

With these graphics it would be nice.

oSHINSAo1077d ago

Any ideas on the next character ??

KionicWarlord2221077d ago

Speculation so far is its kim wu.

gangsta_red1077d ago

At the end of the Rash trailer they show Nun-chucks so i would also assume Kim Wu.

jetlian1077d ago

Well we got 6 known characters for season 3. Gargos,eyedol, tusk, kim wu, shadow jago and rash. So atleast 2 new fighters

Mikefizzled1077d ago

Shago is still season 1 revamp and he is on the way before Season 3. By the sounds of it Gargos and Eyedol aren't returning. Guest is written in plural implying more than just Rash.

NexusFX1077d ago

Gargos is Returning, they are only having trouble with Eyedol's concept. Garages is all over the Season 2 Story.

jetlian1076d ago

Nexus thats what i was thinking about gargos. Eyedol should make it too. One less person IG has to fully make. If shadow jago is classed with s1 then we got 3 new characters coming

ShowanW1077d ago

"These Cameos are killing me".. Is that a hint to a new BattleToads game?

Mikefizzled1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Its a joke that Battletoads haven't appeared in anything for 20 years only for them to cameo in Shovel Knight and Killer Instinct and star in Rare Replay in less than a year.

gangsta_red1077d ago

Which is funny but a shame too.

jetlian1076d ago

Man BT not that good. Well the nes version. Im stuck on clinger winger with no hope of beating it. Arcade was decent though.

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