Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Showcase Sword Arts and Beasts

EB: After wowing the gaming world with a great trailer yesterday, Dark Souls III is back with a bunch of screenshots.

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Forn1076d ago

Simply beautiful. I'm ready to get destroyed over and over again in what is sure to be another masterpiece video game.

PurpHerbison1076d ago

Dark Souls 3 seems like it is going to be good. My only concern is the PC version being able to achieve a silky 60FPS while consoles struggle around 30FPS. All my friends are on console though.

Forn1076d ago

I just watched this and it's full of incredible sounding information on DS3. Going to be EPIC!

Jughead34161076d ago

I'll admit. I felt a little bad for XBOX gamers that couldn't experience how awesome Bloodborne is. You guys finally get to have a similar experience. A lot less blood, and not quite as creepy. But it looks just about as good as Bloodborne. I actually hope they took what they did with Bloodborne and expand and improve on it.

maybelovehate1076d ago

Anyone else think the gameplay seems more Bloodborne than DS? And I mean that in a good way!

spacedelete1076d ago

Dark Souls gameplay was better. Bloodborne is casual souls designed for the masses.

maybelovehate1076d ago

I disagree. I love both games, but I found Bloodborne's combat and boss fights much more gratifying.

kingdom181076d ago

It definitely looks like the director took a note from when making Bloodborne and made the fighting quicker with more special moves, which excites me greatly!

I loved Bloodborne to death and hope for a sequel, but it most likely will never to be able to compare to the diversity in builds that can be experienced with DS, unless of course they make huge changes in the sequel, assuming there is going to be one, I'd be happy with around 20 tick weapons and for them to make Arcane and Bloodtinge more viable from early on.

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