Homefront: The Revolution ‘Red Zone’ Gameplay Demo

EB: Deep Silver has released a near 6-minute gameplay demo for Homefront: The Revolution, which was recently prepared for Gamescom 2015.

The gameplay is from the Red Zone, which is an area outside of Philly, the main setting for the game.

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crazychris41241077d ago

Now this video looks a lot better than the one we got yesterday.

Erik73571076d ago

I'm just glad this game is actually still alive and got saved

3-4-51076d ago

Game looks good but the voice acting is really bad.

OhMyGandhi1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

I am so sick of "the revolution" theme in games. That being said, the game certainly has the visuals down.

OT- Why do 60fps videos from youtube look like a damned Benny Hill clip every time I watch them?

SlightlyRetarted1076d ago

Almost fall asleep while watching this. Straight military FPS seem to bore me these days. Point and clikedi clakidi boom boom...