Comcept Undermines Backer Trust With Mighty No. 9 Delay

Marcus Estrada writes: "On one hand, it could be considered admirable that they are committed to releasing a finished, polished product. In the face of events such as the Batman Arkham Knight fiasco (among others), bugs are a serious thing. However, the timing of this announcement is tremendously disturbing."

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_-EDMIX-_1078d ago

Undermines? Backers backed the game and the team with trust that they will deliver quality work.

If tis not quality in its current state, they are correct to delay it until it is.

Did folks not forget that they paid for a game with the understanding it would work? That trust sorta goes both ways, its the teams game, the teams studio etc, they will delay it until its online is correct and fixed.

Folks want a quality game, they paid for a quality game, they paid for a team to do the right thing...the team is doing the right thing.

OhMyGandhi1077d ago

really though? the bugs were relating to online features, they did not mention anything regarding single player. Why the hell should people have to wait 6 months for a feature that they may not be interested in? release it via patch when it's fixed.

I don't get it. Yes, people payed expecting a complete product if the course experience remains intact and without flaws, release the friggin game.

It's crazy, it reminds me of when Mark of the Ninja had problems with the leaderboards in the game. It was buggy as hell. They released the game, and *surprise!* people loved the core experience (myself included)

I don't normally condone this behavior to replicated by ALL developers, especially AAA titles that are released as bug ridden messed without recourse or sense of urgency by the developer to fix those issues.

But in this case, it's a multi million dollar platform game that has taken more then 2 years to come out, and the extended time frame is certainly appropriate for small teams with inexperience at the forefront, but Comcept is made up of VETERANS of the industry, who should have the foresight to predict problems before they arise, and calm their understandably annoyed backers.

_-EDMIX-_1077d ago

"they will delay it until its online is correct and fixed"

They want it complete, I can't just get mad at that, I mean...are you ok with AC Unity? lol

" but Comcept is made up of VETERANS of the industry"

I know...its why its being delayed for perfection and not being rushed for cry babies.

They've done this more times then either of us. I don't get what crying, complaining etc will do.

They are delaying the game for correct reasons. I'm sorry but you can't umm

"I don't normally condone this behavior to replicated by ALL developers, especially AAA titles that are released as bug ridden messed"

then state

"release the friggin game"

I don't condone that period, zero exception. I get games don't release perfect, but if they know a problem exist, they must fix it, they are best to have respect for a game that works, vs giving in to crying fans who um...are saying stuff like "release the friggin game".

Soooo release a broken game with broken features?

No. That would make them lose all the respect they had, they still need to promote their team. This could likely ruin chances to even promote their work in the future due to this mistake.

Lets be real, we would remember Unity more for being a regular AC game that delivered at launch, vs one that was buggy at launch. If it got delayed, I assure you....many would not be carry months later.

Go look at any Ubisoft article on this site, notice how many keep referencing Unity...

Oh it came on TIME DOE BRO! How many do you see saying that? I that something that is just ALWAYS talked about?

Regardless of quality? Hell even Witcher III got heat for having bugs and many praise that team to no end.

Comcept needs this and it makes sense, hell I backed the game and I'm fine with this delay.

I also backed a WORKING GAME, not a RUSHED game.

I trusted the team to make a game correct. I gave willing to have the team clearly used their best judgement.

Your not the developer, you don't own the team, you don't own the IP, you don't own the publisher.

Thats like trying to tell the baker how to bake the cake YOU PAID THEM FOR!

I mean...did you not pay them to use THEIR expertise?

Loadedklip1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

It is a 2D gameplay game with simple mechanics and simple looking graphics.

How hard could that be to make this game?

Are they really using all their resources to make get this game out bug free or are a lot of their resources focused on ReCore and Red Ash?

This is what happens when they already have your money before you getting what you paid for.

_-EDMIX-_1077d ago

"How hard could that be to make this game?" not really the situation, its more of how hard is it to make any game with networking work properly.

A 1000 man team couldn't make AC Unity launch perfect.

Games are complex, regardless of how simple they may seem after they are complete.

"Are they really using all their resources to make get this game out bug free or are a lot of their resources focused on ReCore and Red Ash?"

Not feasible because all resources of a team are not programmers finding bugs. The game is done, thus those who are working on Red Ash would not be fixing bugs in Mighty No 9 as they are at a different phase of development.

ReCore also has some of MS helping too.

They are delaying to fix the game, I'm not even sure why one would complain about someone fixing something lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1077d ago

Like I said in the previous thread...

If they released it now, they'd be under fire for releasing a buggy and/or incomplete game and relying on patches to carry the load, leading to bad word of mouth.

Yet if they don't release it now, they come under fire for being liars who can't keep to their release date "promises", resulting in lowered trust and, again, bad word of mouth.

No matter which way they do it, Inafune is in a lose-lose situation.

And it's all because people can't decide which way they want it to be done...

OhMyGandhi1077d ago

no, bad word of mouth arises when the game DOES release and is still in a buggy state, and said patches are still applied after the fact à la Driveclub.

_-EDMIX-_1077d ago

I personally don't think so. Folks don't remember delays that much, believe me...they will remember buggy games.

Look at AC Unity.

wonderfulmonkeyman1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

The first part is a fair point, if we're talking strictly long term.
In the short term, on the other hand...

The second is true regardless of delays, though, so I totally agree with that.
Am I the only one here who misses the days when devs just made a complete game and didn't put out a release date until they felt it was perfect?

Maybe I'm just getting old...^^;;

_-EDMIX-_1077d ago

@Wonderful- "the days when devs just made a complete game and didn't put out a release date"

??? When? The game is "complete" it merely has bugs.

I don't recall any time where we didn't have delays. That is the process of gaming period. It happens.

No game launched perfect, game delays came even when games where um "complete" being complete doesn't mean it works correctly or exactly like they would wish.

Did RE4 not get delayed but out right changed into a different concept?

Half-Life 2 got delayed..

Hell Half Life 1 GOT DELAYED

Mario 64 got delayed

Goldeneye 007 delayed

Ocarina of Time got delayed

Banjo Kazooie got delayed

Twilight Princess got delayed

Elder Scrolls Morrowind got delayed

Prey got delayed for like 100 years lol

Delays happen and I'm not sure when in gaming they didn't happen. Gaming is something that is very complex, complete doesn't mean always working, it doesn't even always mean perfect. What is "complete" to a team? The game after completion can be revealed that it doesn't feel right, that its missing something, that can't just be known 6 months before release lol

Even Fallout 4 was "complete" for a almost a year prior to announcement, ie this year is being spent fixing and making sure things work right, as in if it doesn't a delay could very well happen. A delay at least means they care enough to not release trash.

ShiranaiJittai1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Wow it isn't often a headline sucks so badly that I have no desire to so much as click the article.

No really let me illustrate it properly. Even the most crazy incendiary headlines where I can see constant comments of people saying the article is crap and how dare they say ____ I will still check out to give the benefit of the doubt.

So you must of won some kind of award here because there is NO way I am checking out an article when your ignorance is demonstrated perfectly in the headline itself.

Oculus BETRAYED backers. Comcept delaying their game is not "undermining a backer's trust." So since your headline announces "Comcept undermines backers trust by delaying game" There really is no point in bothering with it. Maybe just maybe if it were phrased as a question or a rhetorical statement I might be able to give you the benefit of the doubt.

A "declaration" of misinformed "facts" and a complete lack of understanding of the very terms in which you refer to? "Backers" "Trust" "Undermining"

Hard pass. I recommend the same for all.