Dragon Age Inquisition The descent Trailer & Release Details Released

New DLC is coming for Dragon Age Inquisition releasing in August.

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SCW19821079d ago

Have a really hard time even wanting to jump back into this game after playing Witcher 3.

MeteorPanda1079d ago

l managed to, it plays differently enough for me to not compare the two.

breakpad1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

again and again Dragon Age:I keeps disappoints me with their untalented dev team behind it...a game of 100+hours+dlc ++ and nothing intrigues me to play it..from its uninspired Visuals, its story -scenario or its rubbishy-senseless gameplay...

dreamoner1079d ago

I tried but couldn't play more than 10 mins, maybe if I start from the beginning I could tho I don't want to atm or don't plan to in the near future : p

Baka-akaB1079d ago

it's true that they are dissimilar , but the sidequests are too close in spirit , while pointless mostly in DAI for me to return into it so soon

Antifan1079d ago

Agreed. I feel the same way. Tried it, the Witcher 3 just raised my expectations for any game(s) similar.
DAI seemed like a empty, soulless, mmo grind compared to the Witcher 3.
TW3 is the definition of next-gen, and will always be a timeless classic in my heart. I will remember that game 10-15 years from now.

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MeteorPanda1079d ago

oh please answer the bs that was the ending of the game. So long have l been peeved about that particular ending.

Redempteur1078d ago

Not a chance, please look forward to DA4 !

SolidGear31079d ago

Just started playing this so I'll have to get the DLC when it comes out next week :3