Xbox One Backward Compatibility: Microsoft in Positive Talks With "All Publishers"

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has indicated he is confident major publishers will support backwards compatibility for Xbox One as it offers a "valuable" way to keep people engaged in franchises. He says talks with all major publishers is currently ongoing and positive.

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nossred1148d ago

Although some are not interested in the new free resource for various reasons, "remaster" it is already a big victory can play hundreds of 360 and know that most games support already left quite satisfied people.

4Sh0w1148d ago

Good I believe all pubs will see the light.

Rookie_Monster1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Of course they are. Take two was also not on list of publishers for BC when it was announced at the conference but later on we found out Borderlands and Bioshock and it's sequels are indeed going to be BC on the first wave. No doubt EA and Activision will follow as well. Maybe not in the first wave but will defintely be coming.

Only make sense as these publishers have a new platform and more users to sell digital copies of older games and DLCs without any added cost or additional development from them.

maniacmayhem1147d ago

Publishers and devs can also take advantage of offering incentives like with Just Cause 3. Buying a new game and getting it's predecessor as a download for free adds more spice when deciding which multiplatform game to get.

freshslicepizza1147d ago

yes, it's a brilliant move. people love free things.

xfiles20991147d ago

I see this as a good idea but I also seeing it being abused I wonder if there will be rules

donthate1147d ago

MS shown Dark Space and a bunch of other EA games, so EA is most likely on board already. The only one suspect is Activision, but I think once everyone else is doing so well, Activision will have to do it too!

What company doesn't like profits? :D

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AutoCad1147d ago

Must be because activision has no faith in black ops 3..
Because really who is going to buy that game if bo2 was out

SuperStatePro1147d ago

The people that liked Black Ops 2...

bleedsoe9mm1147d ago

i'll never buy another activision game if they don't support BC , just too anti consumer for me .

Rookie_Monster1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I haven't bought a Activision game in a long time already. Besides COD, which I got tired after the first Black Ops, they really don't have any other big IPs. They ran Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero to the ground and they are doing it again to COD but it has a bit longer life than anticipated, I guess.

I don't think you are missing much as I am more excited for Take Two and EA games TBH from last gen and glad Take Two, publisher of Red Dead Redemption, is onboard.

urwifeminder1147d ago

As long as battlestations pacific is involved I will be happy.