Head of Xbox "Proud" Of His Teams' Impressive Job, Says Sony Has Great First Party Franchises Too

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer talked with pride of his first party teams after yesterday's showcase, while also commending those of Sony.

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Aurenar1111d ago

Phil Spencer is truly amazing, I can't help but wonder where Xbox One would be if he had been in charge of the project from the beginning

Frisky1111d ago

I absolutely agree. If it were for him to control things from the beginning. Xbone would have been right on the side on PS4 on the sales charts right now.

-Foxtrot1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Jeez, Phil didn't make those choices on his own...the main MS branch did to turn the division around after the shit storm

Even if Don managed to hold onto his job he would have done the same things Phil has been doing.

So basically if Microsoft in general didn't try to do all those changes from the start they could have been on the right side of the PS4 in the sales charts right now

I'm not saying he hasn't done anything but people are giving him far too much credit when it's MS in general

nix1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

these kids.. i tell you.

Phil was just here to make sure he turns around the ship which the previous management had set course to different location. if Phil was there from the beginning, you all would have burnt him on stakes already because the heads of MS made those previous decisions and Phil would have been a scape goat just like Don.

Xbone would not have sold as much as PS4. just look at the previous generation... i'll have to bullet point it because they can't understand full sentences.

PS3 was:

- costlier
- multiplats were not on par for the some games
- came out one year later

Still beat 360 at the end.

This gen PS4 is:

- same price (or 50 dollars expensive)
- better multiplat support
- came out around the same time
- evidently more powerful than X1

AngelicIceDiamond1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

@Fox "Even if Don managed to hold onto his job he would have done the same things Phil has been doing."

So your saying Don Mattrick's long term plan with Xbox would be to focus on 1st party?

Lol no. The guy didn't wanna utilize BC on X1. Why not take advantage of ALL of the consoles capabilities? Tried pushing Tv and apps first. Kinect gaming would still be a thing, and probably still packed with X1's till this day. The 360 would get shut off next year forcing every 360 owner to switch to X1 against their will.

Don would be giving us games obviously the man isn't that crazy. But Don at the end of the day, wouldn't have done the same thing as Phil.

-Foxtrot1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )


You actually think it was Dons plan to do all those changes to the Xbox One...LOL

He would not be in charge of things like that, it was Microsoft in general and what they wanted for the entire Microsoft brand. Dons job was to sell it to us and manage these changes Microsoft wanted.

Don was pretty much thrown under the bus when we all rejected them and my point is if he kept his job by some miracle he would have done the same things as Phil because Microsoft needed to turn the brand around after the backlash

Phil was chosen though because he was the only one gamers trusted as he wasn't a suit. Under normal circumstances he would have never become the head of Xbox, at least this soon working there.

Microsoft works as a proper bussiness, they don't let their divisions do what ever they want. They get told the changes and they approve, reject or change them. They lay out what they want and it's Dons/Phils job to manage their division by putting that plan forward

You can't give Don all the blame, like how you can'y give Phil all the credit

All this is bussiness 101

Foehammer1110d ago

Do you really believe that?

You believe that a product that sells in 42 Countries would sell the same as a product in 124 Countries?

Ezz20131110d ago


Holy s***, You guys still playing "Countries" card ?!

Alright, that's explain why Ps4 is outselling Xbox in the Countries they are both in ....oh wait.

Xbox360 got the drop on Ps3 in early years only because Ps3 come out a year later and was way more expansive and on top of that had worse multiplat games.

This gen is very very ...very different
Ps4 come out around the same time as xbox one
but with the best hardware and best versions of multiplat games.

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Malphite1110d ago

MS would probably have more first party franchises by now. Better late than never though. It's inmpressive how he has changed the image of the company in such a short amount of time.

ccgr1111d ago

Neither company can afford to slack off, that's for sure!

Alexious1111d ago

That's the best thing about competition.

christocolus1111d ago

He should. I'm proud of them too. :)

DeadlyOreo1111d ago

Are you a Microsoft executive? Why are you proud? Lol.

christocolus1111d ago

Lol. You cant blame me now,can you? The gamescom demos were pretty cool.I'm mighty impressed with what the studios showed and if gamers are impressed then Phil should definitely be proud of the teams.

AngelicIceDiamond1110d ago

Same reason why Sony and Nintendo fans are proud of the ppl behind their machines.

Frisky1111d ago

Spencer is the best thing that ever happened to the Xbox division. First E3 and now Gamescom, Microsoft is winning hearts all the way because of all the hard work that he is doing. This statement along proves how much of professional he is in his field. Sony would bash Xbox if they were at Gamescom winning audience instead of Microsoft. But here he is, keeping the competition healthy.

And yes, this is coming from a Sony fanboy, one who has owned all variants of PlayStation consoles.

capjacksparrow1111d ago

I agree, I think they are doing very well now. The breadth of exclusive first party Xbox games continues to grow and is making me consider picking the XBO up sometime soon. I'll still wait for Tomb Raider on my PS4, but there are still some great exclusives coming that I won't be able to get anywhere else.

Also, it's nice to see that he really cares about games and the industry as a whole. Exactly what Microsoft needed.

TwoForce1111d ago

An honor from Head of Microsoft. Well said, Phil Spencer. This is coming from Playstation Fan.

soul-assassin-1110d ago

i have been a ps4 gamer, but recently picked up an xbox one to sit next to it. there is NO chance im missing out on those MS exclusives this year!(all pre-ordered , starting with gears!)

nbalive891110d ago

I have both system too, can't wait for gears remaster and until dawn comes out this month :)

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