Guerrilla Games Debunks Horizon Zero Dawn 2017 Release Rumor, Reaffirms 2016 Release

Guerrilla Games has debunked the rumor about the release year of their upcoming RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. This rumor was originally started by a journalist on RocketBeansTV in stream on Twitch. During the stream, the journalist mentioned a 2017 release year for Horizon Zero Dawn, as spotted by NeoGAF user Kenzodielocke.

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DirtyPete1147d ago

I really thought this game looked really good. I would love to play it asap but if more time will lead to a better quality I guess I could wait lol x)

Brazz1147d ago

i'm whit you dude, this game looks fantastic, hands down the best new ip for 2016.

deafdani1146d ago

Scalebound is also slated for a 2016 release, and it also looks pretty damn amazing, so I think Horizon Zero Dawn already has a strong contender for best new IP of 2016.

I wish Scalebound came out for PS4 as well, because I don't own a Xbox One, and I love Platinum Games. :(

Azzanation1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Quantum Break is also a new IP for 2016. I would say Horizon looks slightly better then Scale-Bound (Based off demo footage) however QB looks leaps and bounds better then Horizon.

I am referring to Gameplay mechanics and Story, not just visuals.

Obviously my opinion.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1146d ago

As I have stated previously, When I first heard stories of the premise behind this game (Robot Dinosaurs) I was a bit leery about how this game would turn out. One thing is certain though, the E3 presentation of Horizon: Zero Dawn proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I don't know a damned thing about making video games.

Incredible looking game. Day 1 for me.

XBLSkull1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

I don't think this really confirmed anything, just that they are targeting a 2016 release... which in video game language very well could mean 2017.

I'll probably give this game a try but I think I would have preferred just normal dinosaurs... A vicious animal is just so much cooler/terrifying than a robot.

Definitely think it looks a lot better of a game than Killzone though.

bouzebbal1146d ago

everytime i disagree with you before i read you.. and everytime i click that disagree again after i am done reading.
You prefer normal dinosaurs? wow! you obviously didn't get what this game is about did you?

modelgod1146d ago

I wouldn't say "hands down. " Sony seems to be cursed by their more " visually stunning" games. The order and DC are two of the best looking games this gen and they are pretty bad!!

Ezz20131146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

""however QB looks leaps and bounds better then Horizon.""

In what ?!...not in graphics or gameplay
This game look good and that's it.
But It's not on Uncharted 4,The order 1886,Horizon graphics at all.

Irishguy951146d ago

Whatever a Sony dev says is the release date, add 1-2 years on.

SniperControl1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )


"The order and DC are two of the best looking games this gen and they are pretty bad!!"

What are you smoking?? DriveClub is an amazing game, sure it had a rough launch, but now it is leaps and bounds from where it was, a very good racer, one of the best this gen.
As for The Order, millions of PS4 owners really enjoyed the game, the fanboys on here had it in for the game well before it launched.

Sounds like you have never played either game and just basing your comments on fanboy ramblings.

GrubsterBeater1146d ago

@ XBLSkull

How does that haterade taste? You're gonna be going to the bathroom a lot, because you're drinking wayyy too much of it.

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DoomeDx1146d ago

Well the game has been in development ever since Killzone 3 got released. Im pretty sure it will be beyond spectacular after 5 years of development!

DarXyde1146d ago

Time is no guarantee of success, but I've always felt Guerrilla Games should do something beyond KillZone. Never could get into those games, but their foray into open world with Horizon looks to really be their strong hand.

I'm all for it.

UltraNova1146d ago


If you find the time go back and play Killzone 2. You will then understand what these guys are capable of.

modelgod1146d ago

Grand turismo 5 took 5 years to make and I was garbage! !

DarXyde1145d ago


I owned and beat Killzone 2. Certainly an impressive title from a technical perspective and there was fun to be had, but I just feel that FPS is something they do, but it wasn't their calling. I always felt that them struggling in the shooter space to have a name for themselves came from their hidden expertise in other genres.

KZ2 wasn't bad, but it's also arguably the best and I didn't think it was outstanding, but good.

After 2, I only played the demo for 3 and the multiplayer for Shadow Fall. Neither really did much for me, so I believe Horizon better demonstrates what they can do. I'm rather excited to see what they do outside of their comfort zone.

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Haru1146d ago

Looks amazing and it's definetley one of the best exclusive shown at E3

shloobmm31146d ago

Game truly looks fantastic.

showtimefolks1146d ago

this has been in development for well over 4 years. by the time it comes out it will be 5 plus years of debelopment, guerrilla games have a 2nd team that's bed working in this new IP

so fall 2016 is a pretty much confirmed
the last gurdain will be interesting to when it Comessage out so is also uncharted 4. would Sony push uncharted 4 all the way to fall?

IMO my guess

uncharted mid 2016
the last guardian either March April or right before fall around August

horizon and gt7 fall 2016. I think gt7 will either be announced at Paris conference or Playstation event

SmielmaN1146d ago

A proper GT game announcement at Paris would be huuuuuge

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1146d ago

Uncharted 4 - March
The Last Guardian - August
Horizon: Zero Dawn - October

Don't forget about the other games Playstation has down the pipeline:

Deep Down
GT 7
Without Memory
Mlb The Show
What Remains of Edith Finch

And a very large chunk of games that are supposed to be released this year, but some maybe pushed into 2016 like RIME and WILD.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 are the "tip of the spear." 2016 is going to be epic.

uth111146d ago


Without Memory? Didn't that team basically give up after they released a trailer that was universally panned?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1146d ago

The website

I haven't heard anything about what you've mentioned. Links would be helpful.

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SuperStatePro1146d ago

Looks fantastic, but can someone PLEASE explain to me how we're supposed to believe this story? I mean, there are robot dinosaurs roaming around and acting like real animals? How? Why???? It reminds me of the last Transformers movie where they ride robot dinos and there are flying creatures as well. I thought that movie was corny as hell.

UKmilitia1146d ago

im kind of thinking that mankind has created these dinos and then something has gone wrong and thus man kind has lost power/control over them,obviously the dinos have AI and its evolved ?

so man kind has basically reset and its back to cave man days but tech is part of the relics.

kind of like if we looped back to the dawn of time where dinos roamed.

its a game,Sonic the hedgehog was collecting ring to defeat a big fat egg man to free his forest buddies but was great game.

but dont worry i think they have left holes in the story so it reveals closer to launch.

kraenk121146d ago

Guys asking for believable stories in video games make me chuckle...

klass1146d ago

Or they might be there as part of a terraforming ecosystem after when "the lights went out" (aka apocalypse).

Its a premise trailer with gameplay.
I dont expect GG to unveil the entire story of the game during its reveal.

You'll probably hear more about the story next E3.

SuperStatePro1146d ago

kraenk - yes, because there are no games with realistic stories..

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Sir_Simba1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I would be surprised if they pushed it, Guerrilla games are known for their technical abilities.

spacedelete1147d ago ShowReplies(5)
spacedelete1147d ago ShowReplies(5)
hello121147d ago

Targeting a 2016 release is what he said thats not a definite 2016 release.

All good if comes out in 2016 Sony will need it to counter Gears 4 and Scalebound.

DarkOcelet1147d ago

Wasn't Deep Down scheduled for a 2016 release date?

That would be something to counter Scalebound. And Uncharted 4 is there for Gears 4.

HammerKong1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Deep down damn man that game still exists i thought it was shut down but finally its gona release but is it gone be still f2p or something else? whatever my friend it may be anticipated by you but it does not come close to scalebound, a dungeoun crawler vs a open world action rpg, horizon will be real competition to scalebound, in some espects they are similar, it is wise to compare fable legends and deep down because both are online based and f2p.

remixx1161147d ago

They said that they liked it so much that they decided broaden vision for it so they added more Dev time and are reworking it.

I'm still waiting for the rumored ps4 gravity rush 2.

jetlian1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Lol deep down was on peoples spring 2014 list remember! right there with the witness. TLG is going up against scalebound.

Funny thing first time I saw aloy I thought she was G.o.t archer lady. This one of the 3 known games im getting next year on ps4 second to uc4.

Haru1146d ago


Lol Scalebound could compete better with a indie titile, Horizon is way out of Scalebound's league dude that game doesn't look half as good as Horizion and it's probably going to be downgraded by when it relase considering that it ran at a avg of 10-15 fps, Horizon looks miles better and it ran at a perfect 30 fps Gurellia is ahead of any other studio out there right now they are knowm for pushing the boundries with their amazing tech the only studio who come close is probably Naughty dog with their own custom engine and DICE with their Frosbite engine

alb18991146d ago

What about Quantum Break?

Azzanation1146d ago

Then what competes with Quantum Break if UC4 has to cover Gears 4?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1146d ago

"Then what competes with Quantum Break"

The Last Guardian
What Remains of Edith Finch
Without Memory
There's a game in the pipeline from Sucker Punch too.

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1147d ago
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pivotplease1147d ago

Microsoft will need to counter Uncharted 4, TLG, and Ratchet. Works both ways but moreso against MS.

alb18991146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Quantum Break, Crack Down, Scalebound, Forza, Halo Wars, gears 4

Sevir1146d ago

Scalebound isn't coming in 2016, MS didn't provide a window, that game in its current for is about another 20 months off.

MS does have a number of titles launching though, ReCore, QB, Gears 4, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2...

In comparison Sony has, Horizon, The Last Gaurdian, Ratchet and Clank, Dreams, Street Fighter 5, Uncharted 4, MLB 16: The Show, and we can almost be certain that Polyphony is going to reveal GT7 this year for a fall 2016 release and We haven't any clue what Santa Monica, Bend and Quantic Dreams, Sucker Punch, Lightbox Interactive, Level-5 and Sony Japan are crafting.

Majin-vegeta1147d ago

GEOW4=worn out boring crap been there done that.

Scalebound=looks good but needs work big time only Tim will tell.

SmokingMonkey1147d ago

I like Tim and his opinions. /s

LCEvans1146d ago

same for Uncharted 4, God of war, Dark souls, cod, assasins creed so forth :)

Silly Mammo1146d ago

@Resistance_lord- A whole lot more than you. So show Tim some respect!

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jon_snow1147d ago

That's funny because Sony has Uncharted 4, Persona 5, dragon quest heroes 2, dq builder , star ocean 5, Horizon Zero dawn, level 5 ps4 project and many more 1st party and jrpg scdule for 2015. This is just top of my mind. Like 2015 sony will have more Aaa exclusive in 2016 than nearest rival.

Eonjay1147d ago

"Targeting a 2016 release is what he said thats not a definite 2016 release."

Checks trailer from E3

Coming 2016. But you may also be surprised to find out that they were working on this game before Shadow Fall.

But I really like the approach of not announcing games too far in advance.

Magicite1146d ago

I dont think that Sony needs to counter anything from MS or Nintendo because they are far ahead of competition now.

ninsigma1146d ago

They don't need anything to counter. Just like MS don't need anything to counter TLG, horizon, UC4 and R&C. Each have their own games and they don't need to have a counterpart on a competing system. They'll just end up having too similar of a library and that would be boring!

strickers1146d ago

Scalebound looks like arse. Graphics and game play. You guys are mental. Horizon looks very good. Hence all the E3 awards

medman1146d ago

I think you're forgetting about The Last Guardian and Dreams, in addition to Horizon Zero Dawn.

bleedsoe9mm1146d ago

i'd be shocked if we're playing this or crackdown in 2016

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scark921147d ago

I found this to be very interesting! Love Guerilla Games for this direction!

Tornado1147d ago

When's the gameplay live stream?