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Is this dream collection of N64 and Xbox Favorites all its cracked up to be?

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DirtyPete1141d ago

This game has me excited. I really think the deal seems pretty decent too. Ill pick it up with my dad today and relive some of the best gaming moments of my childhood

TheZeroReview1141d ago

The value is great but definitely have a read of the review as there are some concerning bits to consider before purchasing :)

christocolus1141d ago


You can't go wrong with Rare replay especially if you're a fan of Rare. 30 games and possibilty of others coming as dlc's. It's such great value.. Go for it.

3-4-51141d ago

I'm waiting for a price drop, as I just don't have the money to buy all the games I want for $60 now, but I plan on getting this just so I can finally play Banjo-tooie......Also really want to play R.C. Pro-AM again.

Software_Lover1141d ago

I wish (I know it wasn't practical) that they had updated the shooting mechanics of JetForce Gemini. At the very least given us the option to change aim settings. I hate pressing down to look up.

Other than that, I'm having a great time with it.

magiciandude1141d ago

The controls are awful, but it's still, by large, a really fun game to play. I wish to see more third-person shooters like this.

callumjack1141d ago

they lost my money the second they went with the crappy Conker for this

fishy11141d ago

Concerning bits to consider LOL, its a 30$ collection I cant believe how much of the article is about the value is not enough. I'm old school gamer, I know how bad the controls where back then compared to now. Overall nearly every game was improved to help all the younger ones enjoy them better.
You can only fit so much on a disc. Nice try, but you cant convince me to not buy it with this silly article lol

callumjack1141d ago

So what I'm hearing is "I've got more money than common sense."

fishy11139d ago

So what I'm hearing is "30$ is a lot of money"
common sense would be get off your a$$ and get a better job. Life really is that simple, you can cry all day or get out and make it better. Its your choice.

MPScrimshaw1141d ago

I don't think anything about this review is trying to steer people away from purchasing RR, just warning them about some of the missteps Rare made while making it. Its pretty silly to port an N64 version of a game that they already remade for Xbox, and having no indication that the collection chews up 50GB is pretty insane, especially given that the vast majority of the games in the collection can't possibly be larger than a few MB.

TeamLeaptrade1141d ago

Sounds weird about the installation process, but I will be getting this anyways. I can't pass this one up. I'm also okay with the original Conker being on here, but I do find it odd that the remake wasn't included either.