Did Sony Make A Mistake Skipping Gamescom 2015?

Gamescom 2015 was a breeze for Microsoft, not only because of the wide variety of games and upcoming content it had, but also because its only competition decided to skip Gamescom all together! Microsoft definitely seized the opportunity to get ahead of Sony, not only for Fall 2015 but early 2016 as well. For Microsoft, Gamescom was essentially a second E3, as both new content was shown off as well as more gameplay of content we saw revealed at E3 or at an earlier time

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TLG19911081d ago

Blah Blah Blah!! no they have Paris games week which Microsoft wont be at next month and also TGS which Microsoft wont be at. and don't forget PSX which im pretty sure Microsoft wont be at.

I hope you write an article about Microsoft making a mistake for not turning up to those events either.

scark921081d ago

Microsoft is not showing up at TGS? They are missing opportunities! Especially showing off Scalebound in Japan!

LordMaim1081d ago

Seriously. I don't know why we need fifteen of these articles. Are we really to the point where we're reading articles about the way video game companies schedule their advertising? Let alone multiple articles?

Eterna1Ice1081d ago

Oh, it's ok, Japan missed Misrosoft too.

RpgSama1081d ago

Microsoft did a great conference, but let's not kid ourserlves, is not like we didn't know what they were going to show, for months we'd known that Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum break were going to be their conference, on top of that they did a wonderful reveal with Halo Wars 2 and the third season of KI.

These flamebait articles are getting out of hand. No one will say nothing when Microsoft will not do a Conference at Paris o Tokyo, and no one will say nothing if Microsoft does not do their own Xbox Experience at the end of the year.

ABizzel11081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

We need to be able to vote to block websites.

strickers1081d ago

Why does anyone think Scalebound looked good. I'm at a loss this time

ABizzel11080d ago


The gameplay looked rough, but overall the game has real potential, plus it's a holiday 2016 title, so they have a year to get things fixed.

Plus it's basically DMC Monster Hunter.

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xHeavYx1081d ago

No mistake at all. The only new thing MS showed was Halo Wars 2. The rest was just gameplay of games already announced, so pretty much E3 2.0.
Sony has many conferences coming soon.

Death1081d ago

They also showed cloud compute working in a game. Something many gamers said couldn't be done. We also seen more from all the games that didn't make it at E3 that some gamers complained about. Now that we seen them, they are being dismissed as irrelevant since we already knew they were coming. There really is no winning with some people. The Games With Gold games from 360 hitting b/c was also something we didn't see coming. There was more information released about crossbuy and cross play between Windows 10 and Xbox One along with a release date for Win10 on Xbox One.

I guess you missed this Heavy.

xHeavYx1081d ago

Nobody said that it couldn't be done, what people said is that they wanted to see it in action, and MS finally did it (2 years later)
Not sure what games that didn't make it to E3 you are talking about, because of course you provide no details.

"The Games With Gold games from 360 hitting b/c was also something we didn't see coming"

Who didn't see it coming? GWG are games that you own, so why wouldn't they be BC?

Cross buy and cross play? STOP THE PRESSES!

johndoe112111081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

"Something many gamers said couldn't be done"

Stop it. Stop it with the BS lies and misinformation. People were not saying it couldn't be done, the question was always the feasibility of it all. If you are running a game that requires cloud compute and you are using it for the multiplayer alone then it makes a little more sense, but imagine using it in a singleplayer game.

What type of experience do people who have no internet, limited internet or blocked internet have? And before you say "My internet is always on" or "most people in america has this or that type of internet", we aren't just talking about america here. Millions of people around the world have no access or limited internet bandwidth.

When I have unlimited internet and play the game I get the full experience, I get the complete package, I get to play the game in it's fullness and enjoy it the way it was meant to be, but when someone in a rural area or someone who has to manage their internet usage due to a 4gb/month package or someone on a navy base in iraq plays the game they get to play a watered down, incomplete, God alone knows how it would run version of the same game. While paying the same price as me to play it.

The question was ALWAYS how feasible using cloud compute would be. And that's not even taking into consideration how it's gonna run when two million people are using it at the same time. There are many factors to take into consideration before cloud compute becomes a sensible thing in gaming.

Death1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Umm...none of the games at Gamescon were at E3. Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct Season 3, and like you mentioned Halo Wars 2. We also seen the free DVR upgrade that will allow gamers to record and then stream or download their favorite shows to be viewed on any Windows 10 device.


What if? It's fun to play what if to try and say something isn't what it is. We live in a connected world. If you don't have internet, chances are you aren't looking for anything internet related. If you don't have an internet connection, add Crackdown 3 to the list of games you can't play since you don't have internet. It's no different than multiplayer games. What happens if you have no internet for Destiny? You don't play it.

What you are asking for is something that doesn't exist in all areas. To even infer cloud compute shouldn't be used because someone might not be able to use it is absurd.

xHeavYx1081d ago

I said that they didn't show anything new, the games you mentioned were already shown before.

"DVR stuff"
OMG! It's never been done before! Much innovation!

freshslicepizza1081d ago

not known prior to gamescon,

dvr features on xbox one
we happy few
halo wars 2
killer instinct season 3
homefront the revolution
some windows 10 features on the xbox one

we also got a release date for quantum break and guess what, it's april. where are all the positive remarks now after all the negativity surrounding how microsoft only has big titles in a 3 month window?

that is the real story here, how the critics never really say anything positive when they do stuff to correct issues. all the critics do is move on to criticize something else.

Pogmathoin1080d ago

Yet Sony showed one new game, Horizon... Shenmue, which they tested first before really committing to it with Kickstarter... FF7 remake that will end up on others, showed TLG, againnnnnn.... And it was the greatest E3 ever..... Yup, N4G....

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johndoe112111081d ago

"Did Sony Make A Mistake Skipping Gamescom 2015?"

"but also because its only competition decided to skip Gamescom all together!"

Why are these people allowed to write for gaming websites? why are these types of articles with either clickbait titles or downright misinformation allowed to be posted? Sony did not skip Gamescom, they had the biggest presence there. They just didn't do a press briefing. This is getting annoying now.

Pogmathoin1081d ago

Johndoe, agreed, but it seems there is defence mode from both fanboy camps here, many stupid articles popping up....

OB1Biker1081d ago

Agreed. And still so many articles/opinion pieces talking about Sony instead.
Did nt see so many opinion pieces about Ms completely absent at Game Awards for example, or the previous years at Gamescom.
Ps4 is hugely dominant in Germany and France is the biggest market in continental Europe. Why would Sony blow their reveals in Germany considering also all the 3rd party deals being marketed at the right time.

Serg1081d ago

Honestly the amount of ignorance and stupidity in many articles posted here really seems to have gone through the roof since Sony started to just kill every good MS announcement with an even bigger one.

I would be ashamed to the bone if I was a journalist and had so much as a typo in any of my articles. But to get instantly verifiable, public information so wrong and then go so far as to base an entire article on that misinformation is appalling.

Death1081d ago


Can you give some examples of how Sony killed Microsoft's announcements? I have yet to see something Sony did to "kill" b/c other than say they didn't feel it was something worth doing for their customers. Playstation fans have made it very clear they don't want the choice and prefer to pay.

I have yet to see a response to Xbox One/Windows 10 integration either. We are seeing the two platforms combining to create some very cool features including universal apps and crossplay/crossbuy from the Xbox Marketplace.

We haven't seen anything to counter all the free 360 games given as incentive to buy new ones either on the Playstation.

I know Sony announced games that will come out in 2-3 years, but that really doesn't do much now does it? I would like to think in 2-3 years Microsoft will releases games too.

DeadlyOreo1081d ago


But it's the quality of the games that Playstation has, which is what a games console should come down to and what you chose to be oblivious to. While nice, it's not really about playing old games which people have played or connecting your Xbox with your PC.

Be patient and wait for Paris, Tokyo, PSX. It's easy to praise MS and your Xbox since they've just had Gamescom, give Sony a chance jeeesh.

Serg1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


I could write a 500 page book and you would still maintain that Xbox is better. I am not about to waste time and effort to compile lists, arguments and reasons, just to reply to one of the biggest Xbox fanboys on this site and have him not budge a millimetre from his position because of wilful ignorance and bias. I don't say I'm unbiased, but arguing with diehard fanboys, over essentially nothing, is not something I enjoy very much.

Pogmathoin1081d ago

The same way sony fanboys cannot budge a millimetre and admit MS has being doing great things lately? Sony killed MS with what? Horizon? One game?

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Relientk771081d ago

Microsoft is not showing up at Paris, TGS, and they won't be at PSX. Guess they're making big mistakes and Sony has the edge from here on out.

Kiwi661081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Only PSX is a sony event so why include ms as what would be the point of calling it the playstation experience if the other consoles are there

Pogmathoin1081d ago

No.... What MS does is irrelevant to Sony. Onus is on MS to catch up, Sony are doing nothing wrong. People are nitpicking and trying to find stories where there is none.....

Death1081d ago

You are 100% accurate as long as sales don't say something else. If nothing changes you are correct. We won't know if skipping Gamescon had any impact until we see the show at PGW.

3-4-51081d ago

* They all can't give us a ton of info at EACH games conference.

AS long as each company shows for at least one of them it's all good.

AstroCyborg1081d ago

tgs ms has no chance there & psx is ran by sony so they can't go

RocketScienceLvlStuf1081d ago

But they didn't skip it. They have the largest showing there.

Not to mention they will be at paris games show (will microsoft be there?)

There may also be another PSX this year.

Pogmathoin1081d ago

Lol... Been said a million times here that Paris is a Sony event, and come running in with that.....

Magicite1081d ago

Sony have 3 more conferences this year while MS will attend only next years E3...also MS made hardly any new big game announcements this year, that we wouldn't know before.

triple_c1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

@TLG1991 Exactly. People keep acting like Sony is not going to have a conference to make up for Gamescom and then you have people saying Paris Games Week is a small event which it isn't. Paris Games Week has had over 200,000 attendee's last year and the year before that is more attendee's than E3 this year so I don't understand why people keep acting like this event doesn't exist.

As a side note, this is like the 3rd or 4th article that got approved on this site in less than 24 hours about the SAME exact thing. These click bait articles about the same thing are starting to get redundant now..

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Bennibop1081d ago

It was not a mistake, as they did not skip Gamescom they just skipped having a conference at Gamescom, Sony actually have the biggest display at the event!

Gamescom on the whole does not seem like the same event it has been in previous years, not seeing they same type of big announcements we have seen in the past. Microsoft showed previously announced games and made one announcement (Halo Wars 2.)

AstroCyborg1081d ago

but no coverage from the media wonder why

sammarshall1021081d ago

Idk. Microsoft showed some amazing games though

fanboysmackdown1081d ago

By the disagrees, looks like the Sony fanboys have spoken. Yes, the games they showed looked good from here too.

DeadlyOreo1081d ago

You say good, he said amazing. I myself find amazing a little overkill. It was an okay conference. That might explain the disagrees.

BlackPanther1081d ago

Here is the thing though, Sony didn't skip Gamescom so the point is moot.

But I think MS being the only of the Big 3 to have a press conferences is big for them and it will be the same when Sony goes to Paris Gaming in October.

This is good for MS because MS needs it. They need to compete more in Europe for sure. This could be the start of them at least being remotely competitive there like they were last generation.