Nintendo discusses Wii U Gamepad: ‘Only real innovation in this console cycle’

This new console generation – consisting of the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One, has seen a lot of expansion on concepts introduced last-gen, primarily stronger online community features. Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, recently told that the Wii U Gamepad is the only real innovation to come from this console generation, and that upcoming Wii U games will show the true promise of the Gamepad.

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johndoe11211990d ago

So a tablet add-on is the only real innovation? Sorry, but I would give that to shareplay. There are two tablets and a kindle in my house, sorry nintendo but I play games on tablets all the time. that is NOT innovative. On top of that I can take my vita with me when I'm visiting family and still play my ps4, can the nintendo gamepad do that?

wonderfulmonkeyman989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

They're wrong about it being the ONLY innovation.
Plenty of indies this gen have come up with some truly innovative gameplay ideas.

But a far as pushing a new idea in hardware, beyond just graphics, they're not wrong.

Share play?
So letting others play your game for you, or letting them watch you play, is suddenly innovative?
Have we not been capable of inviting over friends to do both those things for years now, or am I suddenly the only person that did that?

No. I'm sorry, but share play doesn't compare to the game pad as far as offering a wider variety of ways of interacting with the game taking place on the TV.
It's a social connection gimmick. Not a whole new way of interacting with most of the games on the system.

Neither does your little tablets or phones.
They can't offer the same variety of gameplay options and abilities found in games like Zombi U, ME3 SE, SM3DW, TW101, and plenty of other games that use the pad for something beyond a map, because they lack the buttons and connected interface needed to do everything the pad is designed for by default.
You'd have to keep switching between phone/tablet and controller just to get the same thing that the game pad offers all at once, and that's assuming you could get half the games on your console to stream flawlessly enough to them at the same time as the TV images to do anything.XD

That, and Off-TV play for the convenience of switching right to the game pad if someone else wants to watch TV, or if you just want a closer screen, expands the pad's usefulness beyond what a phone or tablet can offer to the majority of your console games.

And playing PS4 games on a portable with less graphical power( which is half the draw of PS4 in the first place), latency issues, and battery life constraints isn't innovative either.
When playing a PS4, it's most at home on the TV.
Not on a phone, tablet, or a $200 Vita.

ninsigma989d ago

What's not innovative about share play?? Hasn't been done before and is unique to PS4. Yeah we could invite people over but that doesn't happen anymore when you get older. So share play is brilliant in that regard.
So playing ps4 games on the vita (a completely different console) is less innovative than being able to do it on a peripheral that was designed as part of the wii u?? Let's not forget about the fact that the wii u controller is limited to physical space while you can play ps4 games anywhere on your vita, not just in your home. The vita can also offer MORE game play options because of the touch pad on the back as well as the touch screen while wii u pad is single touch screen. In addition this PS was doing this last gen in a limited fashion with ps3 before the wii u was created.

How about in a growing digitally social world, the addition of a share button that allows you to take a screen shot and video of your game play and then instantly upload to your social networks?? Xbox can do the same too. In comparison, Nintendo won't even implement in game voice chat, very social!

How about streaming from xbox to pc??
Fully voice navigable interfaces??

Tell me how after all those things I've just pointed out, that the wii u game pad is the only innovation this gen in terms of hardware?? It seem's like you just decided to discount everything else because it suits you.

generic-user-name989d ago

SharePlay is innovative whether you like it or not. Couch co-op online is brilliant.

XisThatKid989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Remote Play
Share Play
Share options
Game streaming
PC streaming
TV out
Integrated TV
Infrared camera
MULTIPLE game innovations that never touched a Nintendo console
Rear touch
mobile capability
This is just of the top Ninty
Besides innovation is always welcomed but constantly trying to reinvent the wheel you'll find yourself without a wheel.

FallenAngel1984990d ago

This is why Nintendo is do behind. While Sony and Microsoft make real advancements in the gaming industry, Nintendo seems content with just producing a controller that hasn't even lived up to its full potential across all games.

RPGrinder989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Sony and MS are making real advancements by not making software and having weak PCs as hardware?

Hell, even splatoon is using unique mechanics that make it different than other shooters. That is why sales have exploded.

MasterCornholio989d ago

Sony and MS do make software.


Dasteru989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Sony and MS both make software also. They just do not milk the hell out of it by releasing 10 different games in the same IP every year, like Nintendo does. As for hardware, they may be just weak PCs but they are still 5x more powerful than the WiiU.


1 more than the main Mario games but i never said main games, i said IP. Uncharted also is not in-house Sony. It is made by Naughty Dog which is owned by Sony but it is not Sony. Mario games are all made in-house by Nintendo themselfs. Halo is made by Bungie, again not in-house MS. If we are going to be talking about main games, there have been 3 main Halo games released since 2005. There have been 5 main Pokemon games released in the same time, not including opposing versions and remakes, which if you include, add up to 13. Even including all the non main line Halo games, there have still been 4 more Pokemon games in the same time frame. So much for your "facts"

RPGrinder989d ago (Edited 989d ago )


Sony has released more Uncharted games, than Nintendo has released main Mario games since Uncharted was introduced. Keep making things up.

Microsoft has released more Halo games, than Nintendo has released main pokemon games over the last 10 years.

These are facts. Try using them sometime


you do not read do you? I said main pokemon games. I am not including things like Halo Wars or Pokemon Mystery dungeon games.

FYI, Fans demand Nintendo software of there favorite series way more than any other company because of history.

When Nintendo releases a Zelda or a Mario, that makes fans happy.


"Uncharted also is not in-house Sony. It is made by Naughty Dog which is owned by Sony but it is not Sony."

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA wow, you need an education

ninsigma989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Ummmm really?? You're going to talk about weak machines while trying to trumpet the wii u?? Yeah good luck with that one!

There have been 21 pokemon games since 2005 (10 years as you say) and 7 halo games by my count.

ninsigma989d ago

Why does it matter if it's main?? Because I'm pretty sure you'd include every single spin off that has halo and uncharted in the name. I included halo wars in my calculation but I wouldn't consider that a halo game really. You're just setting ridiculous parameters to try ignore the over saturation of Nintendos ips.

OK let's play by your rules then. No side games. I am therefore removing halo wars from the halo calculation, so it has 6 not including H5 which hasn't released yet. Pokemon is left with 14 games since 2005.

RPGrinder989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Do you want me to comment? You both seem to enjoy making things up.

Naughty Dog is not Sony? LOL

Nintendo has been the critics choice for publisher of the year 3 years in a row, but you keep saying Nintendo milks software. Seems, people are fine with it if the quality is high.

What is worse, using a lot of the same franchises, but the quality is very high. Or making new IP like Driveclub and the Order and knack and having them be garbage?


you give Sony fans a bad name. I think we all feel embarrassed for your last post.

Dasteru989d ago (Edited 989d ago )


Afraid to say i am not the one that needs an education. I skipped 2 grades and graduated high school at 15. I also have an IQ of 140.

You have been proven wrong, fanboy. Accept it and move along.

"Nintendo has been the critics choice for publisher of the year 3 years in a row, but you keep saying Nintendo milks software. Seems, people are fine with it if the quality is high."

That doesn't change the fact that their franchises are milked. I never claimed they were lacking quality but go ahead and keep making assumptions to damage control a lost argument.

"you give Sony fans a bad name"

Not a Sony fanboy. PC is my prefered platform and i own every console since the NES, including the PS4/Xbone/WiiU. It seems you still enjoy making assumptions though.

"I think we all feel embarrassed for your last post."

So far, you are the only person who has disagreed with my posts. Everyone has disagreed with yours.

ninsigma989d ago

Are you referring to me making things up?? Lol

I looked up my information before posting and proved you wrong. So clearly you're the one making things up mate.

Maybe they're the critics choice but honestly who cares?? Gamers clearly don't or else they would be buying the wii u in droves.

"What is worse, using a lot of the same franchises, but the quality is very high. Or making new IP like Driveclub and the Order and knack and having them be garbage?"
I would rather they take risks with new interesting ips and give me a different experience with each one than release another iteration of basically the same game for 20 years. Which is what happened with knack and the order. Both different to the current norm and both great games in their own right.

hasein989d ago

Knack is not great but good kiddie game,drive club has been rough start but now its very good racing game and the order 1886 yeah its short game but 5hrs of playing felt good. So RPGrinder I will say to you that those game arenot garbage

Spyroo989d ago

Are you stupid? Do you want me to link ALL THAT MARIO GAME MILK? Sony and Microsoft has nowhere enough the amount of milk Milekendo does!

freshslicepizza989d ago

the difference is both sony and microsoft are offering gaming experiences consumers want. whereas nintendo is giving us gaming experiences they think we want. big difference in ideology where nintendo does not listen to consumers.

you see, microsoft finally listened about kinect, sony did not force playdtation move. they all make mistakes but nintendo doesn't seem to learn from them because of their arrogance and narrow views of how the industry moves forward.

zidane1341988d ago

Nintendo fan boys everywhere. Deluded ones no less.

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GordonKnight989d ago


Nintendo has a history of making comments that they shouldn't. So does everyone in the world.

Bottom line is all three consoles are great. Why try an bash other consoles? That is what makes people look uneducated. Just enjoy the consoles you like and move on.

BrandanT989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Nah, the tablet controller is nice and all, but Nintendo still needs to do more. I really want Nintendo to have their online services more social.
I think Nintendo needs to be on par for what the trends expect, then add their innovations from there.

KiwiViper85989d ago

Stop sniffing each others farts Nintendo.

RPGrinder989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

This is the truth as much as people want to troll Nintendo for it. The controller is innovation, it is different. Remember different? The PS4 and X1 are exactly the same.

Angeljuice989d ago (Edited 989d ago )


It's a cheap tablet screen attached to a game pad that had the effect of making it heavy and cumbersome.

The only reason its "different" is because nobody else was stupid enough to think it was a good idea.

RPGrinder989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Spoken like someone who has never held it. It is not heavy at all and makes games like Splatoon better.

Off TV play is incredible. But of course, you know better right?

hasein989d ago


It's not stupid but its not comfy for small kids.


The ps4 has touchpad right?

MSBAUSTX989d ago


Yeah and how often is that used? Lol

hasein989d ago


Not often. But use it for spray paint in infamous which is silly and browsing.
But in tearaway unfolded I think I'm gonna like it for once.hahaha

GordonKnight989d ago


It's not a tablet. The Gamepad is a controller with a touch screen.

What tablet has analog sticks?

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MasterCornholio989d ago

The PS4 and XB1 are not exactly the same.

hasein989d ago

Hahaha u got him in the knee.

MasterCornholio989d ago


Hopefully with an arrow.



Just kidding but what he said was really stupid.

wonderfulmonkeyman989d ago

He was referring to their similarity to past iterations of their own consoles.
But you already know that.

joeorc989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

What? You honestly think what you stated is true?

For one the idea that the tablet.controller is some how some way sofar innovative this generation vs everything else made by Sony and Microsoft is pardon my French..

Completely utter Hogwash.

Look while I think the WiiU concept for a console is pretty sweet with the fantastic games released for it. Trying to claim or implying that its the only innovative thing to come out this generation is pretty [email protected] Arrogant of Nintendo, and to be truthful aside from NFC being included inside the game Pad Controller there is Absolutely nothing we have not seen before that its able to do that has not been already done in the smart devices market already. As a matter with Sony and both Microsoft with DNLA direct common with devices such as smartphones and tablets what you are trying to claim about well the game pad has physical buttons..LMAO you do know standard BlueTooth controllers work across most smart devices now!


So exactly explain what can the So called "innovative" control pad do out of every single thing it does that the other systems could not do also with a smart device networked with their system?

Take note I do Infact know exactly what that thing may be but with Bluetooth 3+ it makes that unique chip inside the the Game Pad still not have a function that would stop both Sony or Microsoft duplicating such a function with using Bluetooth.

The answer is of course NFC

But like I said its a communications data connecting technology, such as is Bluetooth. so again aside from Nintendo games being made to use such a function. Which both Sony and Microsoft could very well use the smartphones Soc and its Bluetooth connection and direct DNLA connection with a Xbox One or a PS4 what real solid Unique innovative thing is inside the game pad that makes it really anything better than a smart device taking the place to do the exact same thing?

Again this is not a slam against Nintendo directly , its a slam against the claim that the game pad is as innovative as they are trying to claim that it is.

user8966828989d ago

Actually your wrong because game developers have stated that they cannot recreate what the gamepad can do with the games on ps4 and x1 they stated it can't be done with the vita or smartglass or tablets and cell phones so it seems pretty innovative to me because that's something the competition can't do with their consoles

KiwiViper85988d ago

Actually, "Hogwash" in french is "Foutaise"

You're Welcome.

Angeljuice989d ago


If the gamepad is so good, why does nobody use it for Smash Bros?

Surely functionality should be its prime design feature (rather than novelty value).

wonderfulmonkeyman989d ago

I do.
I hate to say it, but a lot of Smash players are tied down by their Melee habits. It's bled down into both deriding Smash 4, and looking down on basically any controller that is NOT a Gamecube controller.

gamerdad316988d ago

so do I. I only really use my pro controller for local multiplayer. I prefer the button placement and size.

zidane1341988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

The Xbox is the same...hmm I can't think of any other system that let's me stream to any laptop or computer with windows 10. Oh yeah, and free DVR, infarred so I can talk to my Xbox when I'm not even in the same room...yeah really the same, fanboy.

ETA: no the game pad isn't innovative, I've had a tablet since a year BEFORE the weak Wii u.

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