The Souls Games Share a Direct Timeline (Part 2) | Theory Craft

In the first part of this discussion about the Souls Games, we made the case for Dark Souls being a direct sequel to Demon’s Souls. Today, we’ll cover examples of how Bloodborne is actually tied to the previous From Software titles by cut content, a mysterious stranger, and pyromancy. Feel free to get critical, because the fudging of tiny details can cause any theory to come tumbling down, allowing better theories to come about.

As before, there will be major spoilers for Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne.

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joab7771141d ago

Very interesting for sure. I love Souls lore, and while I don't have time to go through this line by line, at first glance, it sounds like a great start.

OhMyGandhi1141d ago

he lost me at "Ivy from Soul Calibur, and the gravitational force of her boobs couple with the universe expanding in dark souls at the same rate, means that Voldo was the father of Yurt."

PlebeGamer1141d ago

I wonder how many people will take your post serious.