Check Out Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain PC Footage In Stunning 4K/60FPS Quality

Truly a level above console footage.

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DEEBO1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

It's so sad to know this is the last one.

Other games get countless games every year and this only made it to MGS5. I know there are other ones but you get what I'm saying.

I think I'm going to buy two copies and put one in safe and 20yrs later i can show my grandchildren the last game from the father of stealth.

scark921081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I just hope Kojima continues to work for the video game industry!

chrisx1081d ago

You can bet Kojima will want to show konami how crazy they are to let him go...he'l def come back with some insane games

breakpad1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Damn where is Hayter?? ..he was the true Snake ,Kiefer sounds like an angry gay

TeamLeaptrade1081d ago

Oh he'll continue making games. I really think he'll start his own studio and build a small team of dedicated developers to create awesome games. And there wont be Konami to mess things up.

Xaphy1081d ago

I pre ordered my limited collectors edition. I want to make sure I get everything this game has to offer!

swishersweets200311081d ago

i doubt this is the last one, MG will continue, just without kojima.

Ahytys1081d ago

There can't be a real MGS without Kojima.

Dynasty20211081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Where it'll look and play best.

"It doesn't look much better than on consoles"

Oh shove off and troll somewhere else.

BiggCMan1081d ago

It will, and definitely does look better. But because the console version is running at a locked 60fps, it will play the same across all platforms. Even if you're running it at 120fps or higher on PC, it won't feel any different than 60fps. I've played numerous games at a frame rate that high and they don't feel any different at all, so it will play best for everyone :)

FlyingFoxy1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Erm, they in fact do play better at 120fps since the latency is halved over 60 - if you have a 120hz screen to show the difference. It also makes the controls 2x as responsive.

Unless you mean the game can't be played higher than 60fps regardless, then i didn't know that.

Genova841081d ago


I'm curious if people can play games in 4k at greater than 60fps in general. I'm limited by HDMI 2.0 myself so the most I will get is 4k 60fps with my 980ti sli setup.

I want to say displayport can do it, but even if it technically can play, you'd need a rig better than mine to get 4k 120fps with any sort of decent settings.

If I turn on msaa to 2x in crysis 3 I can't get a solid 60fps, for instance.

audiocafe1080d ago


Nice setup. I have regular 980 sli myself. I wonder if I could get acceptable performance at 4k with MGS5. If not I'll be playing it at 1440p

Lamboomington1081d ago

If there is one thing I'm jealous of, it's the destruction in Crackdown. That stuff is legit.

As for MGS5 on PC, it's going to look significantly better on PC. Thankfully for us, they're actually trying to make a good port with extra graphics options and everything. Sure we'll get it later, but totally worth it.

Seafort1081d ago

We get MGS5 for PC on same day as consoles. We just don't get Metal Gear Online the same day.

I was never interested in MGO anyway so I couldn't give a crap if it never comes out.

TheROsingleB1081d ago

They say MGS5 had a $90 Million budget. I wonder if Kojima owns the rights to the Fox engine? If so, let him go to Kickstarter to get his next project started. 69,000+ Fans dumped over 6.3 Mil to prove that Shenmue 3 was worth doing - this obviously is a small portion of the funding that the game will receive, but with Sony and others pitching in, it's being done.
Kojima could do something similar, and I'm sure the outpouring from fans, especially in light of the current events at Konami, would blow Shenmue 3 out of the water in scale. Again, not all funding would come from fans of course.
Sony would love to pick up the next exclusive from Kojima, Metal Gear or not. I only say Sony because Kojima has stated that they have the better relationship and, really, how could they not after nearly 20 years?

flyingwombat331081d ago

Damn, wish I had a 4k monitor. If ground zeroes is anything to go off, this will be a REAL treat on PC. Unfortunately I don't have a powerhouse PC yet, so I will be playing on PS4. But once I get a rig together (maybe in a year or so), I'll give this a try on PC!

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