Crackdown 3 Cloud Technologie Demo

On the Gamescom 2015 demonstrated the development team, as the cloud computing physics enables a fully destructible city. We have short draufgehalten the camera.

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d_g1081d ago

the physics are insane in Crackdown 3

this shows how Cloud gaming is powerful

Septic1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

It does. That is PROPER use of the Cloud.

The amount of hate and mockery ms faced and they've shown this and not made a big deal about it, it should really serve to shut the haters up but even then, Ive seen some desperate changing of goalposts by referencing Red Faction (no seriously) and someone mentioned Uncharted 2's cloud capabilities lmao.

I just wish it applied to single player too.

Also, whilst the tech looks impressive, I do want to see how it works in real world conditions. I suspect that the multiplayer mode will bea separate kind of hub to cater for this. The gameplay ramifications of total destruction seem a bit too severe.

FlexLuger1081d ago

"Ive seen some desperate changing of goalposts by referencing Red Faction (no seriously) and someone mentioned Uncharted 2's cloud capabilities lmao."

haha! I seen some of the comments. Its been comedy joy to read. Best to not even respond, to em. No need too. Proof is in the pudding. or crow pie in this case.

We went from..the "cloud is marketing BS" to "how do you know your connection can handle it" to "we will see"..but to somehow compare Red factions hardware bound destruction in enclosed environments to cloud powered deformation of an a entire city...even after seeing three different vids about it? The denial is hilarious. What will they be saying next summer when its out? and we are all tearing whole cities down with ZERO slowdown? What will be said then?

AngelicIceDiamond1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Everything MS announce 2 years ago is coming to fruition. DX12 capabilities, SDK improvements, WIN10 capabilities, monthly improvements, exclusive games better indie support.

People are digging for excuses like they're digging gold.

Just about everything had to be proven to honest now last but not least Cloud compute.

I still think MS jumped the gun a bit by announcing cloud among other things too early, 2 or 3 years in advance but these things take time.

Now that cloud is "official" oullyt there its all about execution. How stable will it be, will it work at launch, will it be EXACTLY how we're seeing it here etc.

Hope Cloudgine delivers.

GameNameFame1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Not sure about Uncharted 2 having could or not, but look at Red Faction.

I love the denials here, but Red Faction ran destruction in last gen hardware. LAST GEN. LOL. Yes. Now this gen can do bigger scale.

And if it was cloud ran, why does Crackdown 3 graphic looks like poor X360 graphics? Even in their trailer, it does not look very flattering.

I think what really is "desperate" is that you can't even come up with a valid point against it.

@Gansta Red

Yea. And that was last gen and this is current gen. It would be embarrassing if Crackdown 3 had last gen graphics AND physics.

As for alpha, are you serious? Is that all you got? This is not tech demo, graphic rarely change this dramatic.

I am not talking about it missing refinements. It looks like last gen.

poppinslops1080d ago

Good old GameNameFame - how's the crusade going?

I imagine the last few days have been traumatic... all that vindication.

You said it yourself - current gen can do destruction on a larger scale... and in greater detail.

Notice how portions of the building's falling debris changed trajectory as they were shot by the player?


fr0sty1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Physics and AI are things that I've never denied being possible on the cloud, though even in those cases it will be quite interesting to see how they handle variable connection quality. If your connection lags, what happens to the physics calculations? Those are things that could have a very severe impact on gameplay if it happened, and it happening for one person would mean it happened to everyone since that same physical object must be destroyed in real time for everyone.

Basically, lag goes from a person jumping around the map as they move to entire buildings and people jumping around the map. That could really throw a wrench in the spokes. It doesn't just mess up gameplay for one player, but all of them.

That said, visually (which is where a lot of people thought cloud power would come into play, enabling 1080p parity with PS4), you aren't going to get reliable cloud enhancements any time soon. Even with this implementation, I'm still skeptical that it'll work out ok in the wild.

gangsta_red1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )


"And if it was cloud ran, why does Crackdown 3 graphic looks like poor X360 graphics?"

Maybe because it's PRE-ALPHA FOOTAGE!

"but Red Faction ran destruction in last gen hardware. LAST GEN."

Yea, and look at how flat and baron the landscape was LAST GEN for RF. I also noticed how buildings are pretty far spaced from each other and not a huge city environment like Crackdown is trying to accomplish.

"I think what really is "desperate" is that you can't even come up with a valid point."

Oh the irony. It went from "it can't be done!" to "Look at Red Faction!"

4Sh0w1080d ago

It's not his fault, fanboysim blinds the senses.

In Crackdown 3 the game has a several servers rendering the game world at once allowing a much great dynamic level of destruction, Red Faction buildings just fall apart, you can't target a area and make a hole in it, then shoot or step through it. No hate on Red Faction what they achieved last gen is still pretty dam amazing but it does have very simple destruction where you simply blow up stuff and it disappears, its also very glitch like destruction. Crackdown 3 is really doing next gen destruction because its a much higher level than done in the past.

Watch this as the difference is explained:

GameNameFame1080d ago


Actually, what you are referring to is a prescripted destruction. BF2 had that.

but not Red Faction. None of it is pre scripted. You shoot an area in a building, it collapses from lack of support. You shoot the same building 10 times, it will fall different 10 times.


See how it is.

Also, I agree with you that this is next gen version of what Red Faction is doing. But given the heavy graphical sacrifice, obviously not some magic cloud.

Just like how Forza was not running on magic cloud.
or how Titanfall was not running on magic cloud.

What so magic about it if your hardware takes a such a toll on graphics to run better version of what was done last gen?

Vegamyster1080d ago

I wouldn't call referencing Red Faction Guerrilla desperate, anyone who's played that game would tell you how impressive the destruction is to this day given it was built for last gen hardware.

Kal0psia1080d ago


All is left are for engines to fully integrate into DirectX 12. But I for one never had doubt of what Microsoft is providing. Too bad they shot themselves in the foot at launch. I still think they need to bring those features promised through DRM and make it non DRM somehow.

GameNameFame1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )


MS is the one who said DX12 wont be a big deal for Xbox. It will be a big deal for PC only.

So why don't you listen MS now? You said you dont doubt them, yet they are saying DX12 wont do much.


So yea. Red Faction = last gen physics. Crackdown 3= current gen version of what Red Faction did.

But obviously, graphics suffer quite badly from this.

Either way, cant walk on debris in Red Faction? Now you can it is revolutionary?

Lol. Not really.

4Sh0w1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )


I don't think you heard me, nothing in that vid showed targeting a area and make a hole in it, then shoot or step through it. Nothing in that vid showed debris that does not disappear where you could build a mountain of rubble, making new terrain to climb or step on. Also the Red Faction lacks much of the physics going on in the destruction compared to Crackdown 3, seriously you can't see the huge physics difference???..come on bro, the bottom line the scale is much, much, different which you even could not deny and again its understandable given Red Faction was a last gen game that did not have a MULTITUDE OF SERVERS that *scale dynamically depending on the players. If you can't see the difference WHY this is next gen, yet you're one of the ones who scream from the rooftops about 1080p, which YES is next gen because its an increase in resolution that almost no AAA games achieved last gen, but it's not ground breaking in the sense that increase in specs tend to always lead to a higher res(same thing happens every gen) pc has been doing forever, but something that is much more complicated and ground breaking because of HOW its achieving something that by scale was impossible last gen and even considering what powerful pc's can do this is an achievement on consoles= If you can't see that then its just because you do NOT want to.

-Finally I don't know how this *Cell Shaded, *Pre-Alpha footage means the graphics have been compromised. It looked fine in the Gamescom presentation, it has a lot of dev time left, not that I'm expecting a graphical showpiece, that's not Crackdown's forte, many loved it for good reason, but it will look like a great cell shaded game, more importantly though it will have badass Crackdown gameplay with total dynamic destruction online.

shloobmm31080d ago

This is light years ahead of RFG, Guerullas buildings were like egg shells. They debri clipped thru itself and thru the ground. This is legit physical debris. It doesn't disappear and it doesn't clip. You can blow as small or as big a hole as you want. It's also not effecting the graphics. This game is more than a year out. It will be either a Holiday 2016 game or 2017 game. Thw graphics will improve exponentially in that time frame and anyone who thinks other wise is grasping for straws.

freshslicepizza1080d ago

this is a game changer. imagine destroying the world around you while playing online and everything you do impacts everyone else. this isn't like some games where you hide behind a wall and shoot it away. this is full on physics that is very demanding on hardware. plus the game will have dedicated servers so that the bandwidth is there for everyone.

dcbronco1080d ago

Moldy that's the thing, isn't. Wait until they apply this technology to MMOs. Large scale persistent completely destructible worlds. That will be the real game changer.

I know Microsoft has open sourced a lot of their technology lately but I'm not sure how much of this has been. Some of it, like Project Orleans has. But for right now this may be strictly an Xbox One thing. And PC. This is a huge advantage for Microsoft.

As far as graphics goes, the more pushed to the cloud, the more GPU left for graphics. It pre-Alpha. I'm betting they were more focused on the AI and physics. The graphics are a lot easier to deal with.

Lastly, the fear of not having a good enough connection might be overblown. Microsoft has said it only requires a 1.5mb connection. No more than Netflix. And that was before the 85% reduction in bandwidth breakthrough. So I'm betting everyone with a Netflix account can rest easy.

UKmilitia1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

but what if the cloud is down?
latency,lag and non of that is ever spoken about.

people do not deny that its possible,they have a problem with the factors involved and what happens when cloud isnt availble?

whatdoes he say about the extra xb1 connected to help with compute time at end??

DLConspiracy1080d ago


Come on dude.. Just because MS started using cloud compute doesn't mean that other companies aren't going to use it too. Or that it's impossible to do. They just happen to be the first really pushing it because they own so many servers. They are trying to innovate online gaming using what they have. If this takes off, do you think other companies and developers won't use it? OF course they are.

Nobody spends that kind of money working on that sort of tech just to pretend it works. That's ridiculous. Physics take a lot of extra frames to run. That's why some of the simplest physics games take so much to actually run it. If this helps the frame rate even 5% it's worth it. Seems like it's going to be doing a lot more though.

jerethdagryphon1080d ago

I think mp will likly be a semi persistant world hosted on servers not run from clients similar to mmos that would mitigate transmission and update lag to some extent allowing for the physic you see

RiseofScorpio1080d ago

Here we go again #gamenameisbackagain.

Dewitt1080d ago


This is not comparing the physics, what it allows them to do is when they meet their max draws from computations of deciding collision and particle direction is it then off-loads those computations to a server and depending on the number of draws continues to multiple this using multi-threading to even spread the work. RFG used a technology that Volition created which allowed the geometry to be terraformed, but no lasting results to the particles that were displaced as a result of the damage that was caused. Sure you could dig tunnels and destroy structures, but none of that was persistent in the game world. That is the difference between cloud tech and geomod.

TLDR: They are not comparable, the persistence of the debris in the game world makes the draws on a much larger scale.

GameNameFame1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )


that is due to memory issue only.

that is why it had to "ghost away"

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geddesmond1080d ago

LMAO. Shame the game looks like a last gen remaster of DC Universe online. Also a shame that crackdown games suck. I think I'll stick with the dozen or so other sandbox games releasing in the near future.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1080d ago

"I've always been a playstation gamer. Always was and always will be but this article sounds like it was written by a PS4 only gamer who is pissed of that X1 gets it first. The reboot was great to me and this new game looks great too. Xbox is crap as fluck. Never owned one and never will own one but this game looks great and when it inally comes to playstation I can't wait to play it.

O course the game of the year addition that comes with all DLC because if I'm mad... #1.4"

Seems like a legit opinion you just posted...why even waste your time?

shloobmm31080d ago

Animations aren't the best on a game that is clearly over a year out which i can understand. DC universe at its best wish it a quarter as good as this game does in pre alpha. Take your Sony shades off.

Rookie_Monster1080d ago

Too much salt man. Just give it a rest. LOL

Crackdown Part 2 was made by a differnt developer and I do admit wasn't that great but this is the same developer that made the first game, which was a cult classic on X360. The rest of the other sandbox games in the future, lol, good luck trying to destroy a whole city with your friends online and watch the satisfaction of destruction being unfold. LoL

geddesmond1080d ago

So whats your point in posting a comment from months ago? That I'm a PS Gamer? and thats supposed to mean what exactly? Its still my opinion. I've played the first crackdown in my brothers which I thought sucked and my brother told me the second game was garbage.

As for the DC comparison just look at the two side by side and tell me the game looks real next gen.

I'm sorry but if I read anything about gaming like "oh the power of the cloud blah blah" and the media make it out to be some sort of amazing tech that will revolutionize gaming and I don't see anything that can't be done already with there said tech then I'm gonna call it out.

I was actually hoping for something amazing even though I don't have an X1 because if MS could do it then Sony could too which equals more life cycle for both consoles.

4Sh0w1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

"So whats your point in posting a comment from months ago? That I'm a PS Gamer? and thats supposed to mean what exactly? Its still my opinion."

-Yes, it still is your opinion, however that post suggests your opinion is heavily influenced by fanboy rage, thus an opinion that most gamers who don't share your extreme bias will find completely meaningless....or would you actually take a Toyota car salesmen at his word if he walked on a Honda car lot just to tell you that his *brother told him Honda's are garbage????, would you?...that's exactly what you are doing here, "I'm a ps gamer, here to trash xbox" lol, again his point is that nobody believes any of the *garbage you post.

Spid3r61080d ago

its a shame you have not experienced a crackdown game before. The over the top style of play will fit just nicely with the destructive power of the cloud!

Ipunchbabiesforfun1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

4show hit it on the head, you just look completely silly. "I hate these games they look stupid, I hate Xbox. But, hey let's go look at news for Xbox games and then comment about how it's crap and I'm uninterested as if I was ever interested in the first place."

Now, care to spin that into something logical? It isn't, you're a sad sheep. You're definitely that guy that buys Samsung phones and says apple owners are "stupid." Companies don't care about you, I promise.

geddesmond1080d ago

Well aside from the fact that the reason I read the news was because its in the top 5 hottest articles on the first page of this site. Didn't I already say why I read the article. Because I wanted to see if the cloud is everything devs are making it out to be. ITS NOT!!!


For one where did I bash Xbox??? Since when is crackdown xbox. 2: MS have done hell of a lot to bash themselves these past few years that no PS gamer needs to bash them. They lost 10 million units ago and 10 third party PS4 exclusives ago.

What your basically saying is because I'm a PS gamer my opinions are bias and the fanboy rage lol. You need to be angry at something to be in a rage. I'm let down by this technical so called advancement.

Also just because you choose to play one consol does not make someone a fanboy. I've only bought one game this year. The Witcher 3. Why because most games on both systems have sucked as of late. Sorry I call things how I see them. Also stop using the pre alpha thing as an excuse for last gen looking graphics. I alpha tested a lot of games and on final release the graphics only slightly improved

meanthyme1080d ago

Clues in the video sherlock, PRE ALPHA. Seems to be a lot of people in denial round here.

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Shinuz1080d ago

Didn't red faction guerrilla have something really similar?
I remember smashing and destroying every building till they were only rubles, and a collapsing structure would destroy the other one next to it.

Spid3r61080d ago

OMG here we go with the Red faction similarities!

PFFT1080d ago

But not to this extent. Yes there was rubble no doubt but most of it was NOT persistent an would just disappear. And this each and every single piece of debris from the building still lingers and doesnt disappear.

christocolus1080d ago

I've been watching this. Just amazing.

DrumBeat1080d ago

All that with a smooth frame rate.

Pretty impressive stuff, and I'll be buying this game.

UKmilitia1080d ago

thats a powerful machine gun that can take down buildings so easy

Spid3r61080d ago

Not sure if you heard the commentator state that they upped the power of the machine gun in order to destroy the building much quicker for demo purposes.

DLConspiracy1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

I like how they broke down each section of different buildins into colors onto different servers. That distributes the computational power evenly so that it doesn't affect anything. Pretty cool stuff.

I am assuming that this game will be on Dedicated servers. Which is what all online games should be anyway. Especially some of these billion dollar publishers and devs (cough activision cough cough) that continue to push P2P (console server) online matches.

Sad to see some gamers try and downplay all this. Saying other games did it before. I'm pretty sure nobody spends MILLION upon Millions of dollars to pretend there is no use for offloading Compute power..

Blaze9291080d ago

lol the hate and envy is REAL with this video

frostypants1080d ago

Always remember to draufgehalten your camera.

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StrayaKNT1081d ago

Wow that is actually true next gen gaming

DeadlyOreo1081d ago

We'll see when it is released.

OOMagnum1081d ago

You find any way to skeptical. I wonder why?

Septic1081d ago

So desperately wishing that this does not work....just lame really. Like some movie villain lol.

Anyway, let the fans worry about this, not the concern trollers. The fans are the ones that stand to benefit/ lose the most

zidane13411080d ago

oh puh-leez. Your such a fanboy, if something has any thing to do with MS you automatically think its crap.

Trekster_Gamer1080d ago

Why the trolls here are so blind about a game so far out. This game will definitely look much better before release. The article was about destructible environments.

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SuperLupe1081d ago

So glad I bought a Xbox One.

gfk3421080d ago

What is so next gen in this game?

For me it looks totally a last gen games with those graphics and animations.

StrayaKNT1080d ago

If you can get those graphics and that destructability in a beautiful open world like that dude then let me know because I'll be hyped for it. Animations and graphics are beautiful I love the damage control you're doing here though, it only tells me that crackdown is an amazing game making those who cannot play it envious :)

IVanSpinal1080d ago

back to your PS4 to play Rocket League

christocolus1081d ago

This is one of the best tech I've seen this gen. I hope it's implemented into other games in the future. Halo wars, Sea of Thieves, Gears 4 mp and whatever RTS decisive games is working on. :)

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