Harnessing the power of PS3

PlayStation 3 does more than play. You can watch movies, listen to music, look at photos and wirelessly browse the Internet. DERRIK J. LANG attempts to use the PS3 for everything but actually playing next-gen games. The results are mixed.

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big_tim4388d ago

360 and PS3 to get the wireless to connect. I have the 360 wireless adapter and it won't work 100% with a lot of routers. If you call support, they ask if the router has the XBOX compatible logo. If it doesn't they won't help you. The problem is within the system and letting you communicate with everyone. I had to buy another router that worked with it. So I would give the 360 4 controllers for difficulty! Not to mention the 100 extra for the wireless adapter and more for another router. The 360's problems seem to be forgotten with all the fanboyism crap that goes on here at N4G.

To all those fanboys, remember that both machines have issues.

Tut4388d ago

The Wii has some serious WiFi issues as well, so this issue systems across the board this generation.

As a side note, whoever made the decision to put these gigantic ads that scroll with you and almost force you to click them to do anything on the page, you should probabaly change your mind and remove them. They are extremely annoying.

Mikey_Gee4388d ago

My 360 and my Linksys router (approved on the MS site) work like a charm together. Router on one end of the house and 360 on the other.

Four full bars of connection and VERY FAST downloads.

Tut4388d ago

What router model do you have Mikey? A lot of my friends are really tech savvy and recommended I get a new one because it is actually my router causing a lot of problems with connection.

Scrumptious4388d ago

becasue there's nothing but original crap and half-assed ports to play.

DJ4388d ago

that you're calling 360 games crap, right? A lot of those ports come straight from Microsoft's system. And to say that Resistance sucks when it's neck and neck with Gears of War is a bit silly.

Optimus Prime4388d ago

dont compare resistance to gears. One is a FPS and the other is a Third Person Shooter. are you dumb.

BIadestarX4388d ago

well said alex; sometimes it's needed to correct the ones always trying to mislead others. Also "neck and neck with Gears of War" means that it had the same rating though close Resistance match or beat Gears score.

Tut4388d ago

I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure this news article is about everything BUT games, so I see no reason why this topic should be even remotely touched on in this discussion.

Thank you.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4388d ago

I don't think so....

Resistance: Fall of man average ranking = 89%

Gears of War average ranking = 94%

That is nowhere near 'Head-to-head'!!!

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THWIP4388d ago took me all of 5 minutes to hook-up and configure my wireless adapter, and I was back on LIVE.

Bebedora4388d ago

Who cares. This article was about the PS3, if you could've noticed that, you would not sound like a MS PR suckup.

Good kind of article btw.

JIN KAZAMA4388d ago

he is a brainwashed MS zombie.

JIN KAZAMA4388d ago

RFOM, a first GEN Luanch title got an average of 89%, and GOW, which came out more than a year later got a 94%. And you are saying they are NOT neck and neck??? Are you a fool??
Its a matter of 5% points. RFOM is a much more immersive experiance than GOW. Too much chaos on RFOM, GOW has hardly anyhting going on it.

Munky4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

I am positive you have never played GOW, so your opinion about the game is useless. As a matter of fact, have you even played RFOM? And if you wanna talk first gen games, COD2 got a average rating of 90% on

Xtrm L1481L1TY4387d ago

Furthermore, is Gears of War NOT the first game Epic launched for the 360? I think it is Epics launch game for 360...HA!!!

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