Legend of Kay Anniversary Review - A Game that Not Many Know of Gets a Surprising HD Remaster | COG

COG Writes: Originally released in 2005, this 3D platformer has been surprisingly given the "HD" treatment and re-released to a variety of platforms. We hack and slash our way through the PS4 version and walk out in one piece to give you our opinion of this updated game.

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MRBIGCAT1020d ago

Ouch, ugly score. I'll take a pass on this one.

3-4-51020d ago

based on this score ?


Think about your favorite game ever, and what if a review gave that 60/100, would you have given it a pass ?

What might you have missed out on?

GrapesOfRaf1020d ago

Bad cameras are an instant turn-off for me.

MercilessDMercer1020d ago

I am completely unaware of this one... The games that end up getting 'remastered' are getting stranger and stranger

generalwinter1020d ago

Too bad, another disappointing remaster

ninsigma1020d ago

Been hearing a lot about the bad camera. It's a shame that they didn't update how that works while remastering it. Seems like it's really dragging it down. Maybe they can release a patch??