IM PLAYIN Elder Scrolls Online – Blacksmithing

IM PLAYIN discuss Blacksmithing in The Elder Scrolls Online, and give a few basic tips that could help you in your pursuit of becoming a Master Blacksmith.

"SO! The Elder Scrolls Online articles continue, this time looking at Blacksmithing! I love making things in games, whether that be characters, companions, weapons or armour; so Blacksmithing is right down my street. On the older Elder Scrolls games, I’d occasionally make my own weapons and armour, but in general I’d either find them or buy them. In Elder Scrolls Online, however, I’ve really got in to crafting. I love making my own weapons and armour from scratch – mining the ore, refining it to make ingots, turning those ingots into an item and then using tempers to improve it."

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