What Are Your Worst Video Game Confessions?

Gamersftw writes: "Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned. Brothers and sisters of the video game community, now is the time to share your worst, most embarrassing video game confessions. We are all friends united by one core passion, so we urge you to cleanse your conscience. It may be a classic video game or series that you’re ashamed to say that you’ve never played; an embarrassing video game obsession; or perhaps a shameful instance of cheating. To get you started, the GamersFTW congregation have shared their confessions. Be warned, though: harrowing admittances reside within."

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MrsNesbitt1147d ago

Hahaha I am so ashamed! :P

GetGamer_Danny1147d ago

Great article, here. Everyone's got at least one skeleton in their gaming closet.

just_looken1147d ago

i own all the lost plant games on ps3 number 1 and 3 i cant finish 100% its missing content lol.

TLG19911147d ago

Creating 50 psn accounts to get a platinum of little big planet. needed 50 hearts on a user created level, it was terrible and was never going to happen. it took forever to set up email after email then set up psn accounts then play through the tutorial over and over so you can actually play online levels.... but i did it and that trophy is a reminder of my determination, albeit corrupt lol

Yukes1147d ago

That's terrible and brilliant in equal measure! The community shall surely forgive you :)

Fridgecake1147d ago

Wow that's some extreme commitment to the cause!

Bathyj1147d ago

Please tell us what you have and whose trying to cure it so we can send them money.

joab7771147d ago

Trophies are my worst moments. Spending countless miserable hrs getting or helping others get absurd trophies. Hated every minutes of it. Here's one.

The original Borderlands glitched and I didn't get enough backpack upgrades. So, I literally started a new game and played it straight to almost the end until I got the trophy, all night, all day, all night. And here's the kicker. It glitched on ng+ and gave me an extra one. Yeah!!!

SuperStatePro1147d ago

I can't believe people waste so much time trying to get a useless "trophy", much less by cheating..

TLG19911147d ago

The thing is i might have wasted so much time to you but i have a funny story i can tell people who are into games that can be laughed about. you obviously have never done anything interesting to talk about so just stroll around critiquing other people to make your self feel better. well done!

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GamerGabs1147d ago

Love RPGs, especially JRPGs and I also have never finished a Final Fantasy game. Nice to see I'm not the only one. :)

Agent_00_Revan1147d ago

Also never played a FF game. 15 will be my first.

I've also never played LoZ Majoras Mask

Maple221147d ago

Oh the shame!! I can say that I have never played a Final Fantasy game either. I'm also very good at not finishing games :(

FlexLuger1147d ago

Same here with FF. I keep telling myself I will try a traditional JRPG atleast once but I can never bring myself to commit.

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