Xbox’s Phil Spencer says movie tie-ins are the future

Fresh off the back of his company’s well-received press briefing yesterday at gamescom in Cologne, Xbox chief Phil Spencer began his press tour by acknowledging the growing importance of other media, such as television and movies, in the gaming industry.

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TheGreatGamer1075d ago

Quantum Break's tv tie-in actually looked really good, cannot wait to see more

Immorals1075d ago

Specially with that cast!

LordMaim1075d ago

Seriously. I'll watch anything with Lance Reddick in it.

lemoncake1075d ago

Yep, it's a hard thing to pull off but it's looking promising. It does seem like an area with huge potential now that gaming is more mainstream.

christocolus1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )


Agreed. There is a video showing how the tv and game aspects will be woven together. I think QB is going to be great. The storytelling in that in the will be one of the best. You should read this too.

FoxyGotGame1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

I agree for Quantum Break Live Action, it looked intense. Halo Movie was really good too, and the fan made Street Fighter movie come to think of it.

Better to make a series/Movie based off a great game, than to make a game based on a so-so movie.

parkesy781075d ago

I dont think the words "Halo movie was really good " have ever been spoken before

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raggy-rocket1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

I almost don't want a halo movie, no-one ever gets it right or gets good actors and wriiting. I think heavily animated cgi Halo movies are better as they can capture the essence of halo in a way that stunt performers and live action actors in fake armour just can't

battlegrog1075d ago

The actors were great and some of those live-action commercials what are you talking about

SegaGamer1075d ago

I hate live action ads. They are completely pointless and they show absolutely nothing of any game. I want to see the game not a bunch of actors playing dress up.

candystop1075d ago

I totally loved the Halo 3 live action trailers. Really wish they would have taken the game and future trailers down that hopeless trip to save humanity. To feel the importance of the Chief as our last hope was emotional and where I believe they tried to take Reach but instead screwed it up.

christian hour1075d ago

Alex Garlands script was pretty incredible though. Shame we'll never see that make the screen. Not like he cares, he still got paid a cool 1 million just to write it XD Alex Garland is definitely one of the finest screenplay writers out there, can only imagine what would have been with his writing and neil blomkamps direction.


I disagree! From Rise, to Dead Rising, to Halo, and now quantum Break... all of MS live show tie ins have been top notch, and high quality, with good acting. I like what MS is doing, they seem to really get behind their investments and try to give us good production value.

nX1075d ago

Certainly not part of my future. I play games because I can actually play them, why would I want to watch a movie about them...?

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Viryu1075d ago

Defiance did it, and it kinda failed. Quickly went F2P, and it's really quiet around the TV series now.

battlegrog1075d ago

Ms should just start video game movie production company. Honestly there is so many games that could be phenomenal movies. They just have to be done right and done I spent take to the game which when these random companies do video games they change them and make them weird. Imagine an eccentric Halo or Gears of War. Based off the live action videos Microsoft has done for Halo they would do phenomenal. Gears movie OMG

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SmokingMonkey1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )


They did, it's been shut down since. Probably will come back with news like this.

battlegrog1075d ago

I guess the idea never took off but it doesn't mean it's not bad.they should re launch a movie studio but dint ca it xbox haha that is stupid. Cap it ms studios and carefully work with game developers to make authentic movies to the game. Ms themselves once said they want to make a halo movie but not until they are sure it will be done right and in the right hands.

They have atleast 10 movies from tye ms xbox catalog games to make into really good movies that will last them at least the next 10 years.

People like games cus they play a good story but many of those peoeple still like to watch a good story.

Gears dark gritty feel could be amazing.

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