2K Sports Releases First 'NBA 2K16' Screenshots Ft. Steph Curry, James Harden & Anthony Davis

2K Sports has offered up the first screenshots in 4K resolution of NBA 2K16, featuring cover athletes Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis.

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Xbonewone320151144d ago

Would buy these games religiously if they weren't pay to win.

The player with the most stats have huge online advantage.
You increase stats with VC.
You buy VC with real money.

No thanks. Not fun.

Lexiiii1143d ago

In MyTEAM it's impossible to earn points to buy good players. It's like 2K made it that way so people would buy virtual currency.

Rookie_Monster1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Looks interesting but my modded 2k14 with all the old players and teams on PC is all I'll ever need really.

Lexiiii1143d ago

Same here! The NBA 2K14 modding community is still alive. In fact, the rosters are more updated than NBA 2K15. I'm currently using this one: updated as of August 6, 2015.

Youngindy211144d ago

I hope they improve from the screenshots in the final release, because Steph Curry and AD don't have hair like that and AD doesn't look like AD. And James Harden's head looks weirdly shaped.

ahmexxxx1143d ago

what pisses me off is curry's curly hair. it doesn't look like that in real life.