Media Create sales (7/27 - 8/2)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware and software sales.

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RPGrinder896d ago Show
Magicite896d ago

Hopefully MGS5 turns things around.

RPGrinder896d ago

MGS 5 has a better opportunity than DQ XI. Once that was announced for 3DS, it lost all system moving power for PS4.

3-4-5896d ago

Even Japan likes the New3DSXL better.

marloc_x895d ago

They are kicking ass in my house 👍

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Mikito11896d ago

Splatoon will hit 500k soon in Japan, not bad at all :D

RPGrinder896d ago

Animal Crossing was also a monster seller

ZeekQuattro895d ago

Judging from the nonsensical disagrees your getting I'd say you have a following of haters in your mitts. lol People get mad when Nintendo does good. ha

RPGrinder894d ago

Haters? On N4G? Of Nintendo?



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desolationstorm896d ago

Happy to see Splatoon really did have legs on it.