Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Japanese Release Cancelled

[Imported Goodness] It's well known that the Xbox brand has failed to gain traction in Japan, but it's always had an extremely hardcore, if niche, fanbase of gamers. Today they'll be disappointed to learn that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has had its release plans dashed indefinitely.

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Articuno761075d ago

Agreed. Not entirely sure what you mean, but agreed.

Metallox1075d ago

I don't get sh&*^ of what you are saying, but there you go, an agree.

bouzebbal1075d ago

at the same time this gen they have been giving middle finger to asian gamers at every single occasion. they skipped all TGS, they aren't working with any japanese publishers. Why even bother in first place...

Septic1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

I think the Japanese gamers have been giving a middle finger to the Xbox One. With the 360 they made some effort but to no success whatsoever. I'm frankly surprised MS even bothered launching the console there at all.

I imagine the Japan Xbox HQ to comprise of a room with one guy slumped on a chair trying playing paper basketball. He must be very good at it now.

LexHazard791075d ago

@abzine, i wouldnt call it giving the asian gamers the middle finger. lets be realistic for a sec. the xbox brand is shit in asia especially in Japan. why then is that in one breath you make fun of Xbox in they should forget about Japan. Now they dont want go release Ultimate Gears and its a slap in the face to asiAn gamers. Give me a break..its wasted resources,they need to pull out of Japan all together. Just my take.

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SaveFerris1075d ago

I suppose Japanese gamers could import it, though without subs or dubs I doubt many will.

Articuno761075d ago

The other potential alternative is if the upcoming PC version somehow clearing certification where the console version failed. But I'm not sure how many people Japanese people would play this on PC.

Erik73571075d ago

I would almost say there are more xbox gamers than PC gamers in Japan....which is pretty bad 😞

donthate1075d ago

There aren't that many people that own an Xbox One in Japan that this even matters. Surprised MS even bothered to consider it.

I mean Japan is a market that has zilch acceptance for a foreign console, and now they are in a decline so I don't even see the point of MS even being there anymore. Better to support other Asian countries like China!

Erik73571075d ago

It's not that....its just western games aren't really that appealing to them and that's pretty much what all of Microsoft's games are.

freshslicepizza1074d ago

"It's not that....its just western games aren't really that appealing to them and that's pretty much what all of Microsoft's games are."

then why are eastern games appealing to western cultures? this has always struck me as odd how videogames can be divided based on culture. it's all an expression of art.

donthate1074d ago


"It's not that....its just western games aren't really that appealing to them and that's pretty much what all of Microsoft's games are."

The Xbox 360 had massive amounts of games appealing to the Japanese crowd, and more major ones than the PS3, yet it sold significantly less than the PS3 while having all the advantages on the better performing 3rd party games.

Japan consistently has a preference for Japanese consoles.

PhoenixUp1075d ago

Oh wow Microsoft has absolutely no faith in the Asian market, and for good reason

Jayszen1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Maybe the Japanese market has not bought into Xbox because Microsoft has failed to show any faith in the market. Releasing a console alone is not enough and just because Xbox One did not have the sales they wanted, Microsoft has gradually reduced all interest to what is now zero. Well, globally, the Xbox One had problems right from the start but looking at the US and UK market, things are now better because Microsoft has made an effort with gamers, devs and indie game makers. It is clear that Microsoft no longer consider Japan a viable market and are reducing presence but refuse to say so and also cannot be botheed to try and turn things around.

Whether a product is foreign has nothing to do with acceptance in Japan - plenty of foreign products do really well in the Land of the Rising Sun. Take Apple for example, or brands like Burberry - there are many examples of US and European brands that really do well in Japan. The Japanese will embrace a product if it is well designed and caters to local tastes and takes care not to condescend to the market. I say this with experience and knowledge of the Japanese.

This annoucement is dubious. Japan has planty of homegrown games that are as violent if not more than Gears of War and to me at least this is just and excuse not to waste further resources on a market that has not responded as expected.

shloobmm31074d ago

Ms made plenty of effort on the 360 with a bunch of japanese developed games but the japanese gamers still didnt care. I say kudos to MS.

Jayszen1075d ago

PhoenixUp - "for good reason" - Aren't Japanese devs making 'Scalebound' and 'Recore'? There is no good reason other than Microsoft does not wish to make the effort to get to know what the local market wants and then deliver. There are plenty of Japanese gamers who play COD, Assassin's Creed, etc. and may also appreciate 'Scalebound' and 'Recore' but at the rate Microsoft is abandoning Japan will probably not get to play them unless they import them.

Haru1074d ago

Japanese are smart and the make wise decisions most of the time, that's why they prefer Nintendo and Sony over Microsoft It's not that they don't like western product they do for example iPhone is the best selling phone in japan but Xbox isn't really that great it's weaker than the competion and has zero rpgs on it Xbox is surviving mostly because of USA it's doing horrible anywhere else

Dlacy13g1075d ago

Why waste the resources at this point?

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