Video: Crackdown 3: pre-alpha demo footage

Watch the special pre-alpha demo of Crackdown that was recored during Gamescom by the guys of GamingBoulevard

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dreadz741142d ago

Hahahaha so non believers looks like the cloud is real 20 times the compute power of XB1. Where are the jokes now? Powaaaaah of the cloud is real remember doubters keep saying they don't believe it and want to see it in action so what now? XB1 is serving a healthy dose of crow this week great time to be a gamer and even better time to be a XB1 fan.. PS4 will not be doing this for 1 the sysytem was not built with this in mind and they just don't have the servers to even attempt this Azure is a huge freaking network.

You can be a hater all you want but true gamers are surely impressed with this. Yes the cloud has finally been shown :)

x_RadicalAura_x1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

A tech demo's great and all but let's see how well it works on day-one. That's all I gotta say. :)

ONE person using the servers is vastly different from hundreds of thousands of people trying to use the servers.

dreadz741142d ago

you know that azure has hundred of thousands servers right lol. I have no worries about MS azure servers ..

baodeus1142d ago

Don't worry, not everyone have limited servers like Sony.

Palitera1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Easy there. This is far from being the final build, which can suffer of major frame rate drops if they don't do it right. The demo itself does.

Notice the word "can", because I can be as sure as you about how well or poor the performance will be. Preview builds mean nothing on this. A tech demo means even less.

And yeah, I don't immediately buy any promise companies do on their advertisements.

PS: Finally, if it is anything like its predecessors, I will surely buy this dumb and fun game. Think about it before picking the "hater" card. ;)

CYCLEGAMER1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

This is indeed super cool. I just find it funny that most of the big gaming news sites or high profile youtubers are not talking about this, considering how much MS was being mocked and called liars for saying this tech is coming to the xb1. I remember so many saying the "Powa of the clouds" is impossible, but here it is, and all of the pundits just

gangsta_red1142d ago

Because that would mean they would have to admit they're wrong. Better to stay quiet and sweep it all under the rug than actually admit anything or speak on how impressive this can be if applied to more games.

I'll never understand why so many want to hate this? If this works it could be great for games of all types.

christocolus1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I've watched this demo several times today and it's just amazing what MS and Reagent are doing with this game.This is the most next gen tech i have seen this gen and it's only in pre-alpha stage. Awesome.

3-4-51142d ago

Pretty good for a tech demo...I'm loving the art style though. Really refreshing.

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Rookie_Monster1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

The power of the clouds is at full display here.

Actually Phil Spencer already said that was the case last year

Phil Spencer–Verified account ‏@XboxP3
"@Xone_br33 Yes, build demo was early crackdown work."

Go to show, if Phil said something is true or is coming, it is the truth!

KionicWarlord2221142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Lol this is glorious. Theres ya cloud folks. I cant wait to play this in 2016.

Bu bu bu...its only using 2x of the cloud for one buliding...but dat red faction.

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