IGN: Elvis Costello: Rock Band 2 Wish List

Elvis Costello might seem like an odd choice for Rock Band for those born after his fantastic trilogy of initial albums. With the inclusion of "Pump It Up" from his stellar This Year's Model, and hot on the heels of a successful revitalization of his rock spirit with Momofuku earlier this year, Costello's music seems like a match made in heaven. Harmonix seems to understand that not every song needs to instill the fear of the Rock Gods, leaving you trembling in a cold sweat at just the mention of a song.

With a career spanning thirty-one years, and nearly as many albums, the bespectacled Englishman has some definite good-time rockers prime for everyone's favorite music game. Sadly, the lack of a keyboard leaves gems like "Oliver's Army" and "Veronica" off, but there is still plenty here to make up a solid set list. Each of these classic pop-based rockers seems a perfect fit for everyone's favorite party game, hitting the sweet spot between frustration and fun.

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Silogon3706d ago

What's so funny about peace, love and understanding!!

Captain Tuttle3706d ago

Elvis Costello is brilliant.