Nintendo Announces New Amiibo Figures

They might have picked a better day in September to launch the figures on, but considering how they outsell their gaming console you can understand why Nintendo is happy to get the new units to market as they reveal a new wave of Amiibo characters.

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thepatientgamer863d ago

How about some more games instead...

Garethvk863d ago

Well said. They have sold more Amiibos than systems so that shows you the focus. Yes it is easier to sell cheaper priced figures but at Comic Con, more people focused on their figures than games it seemed.

TeamLeaptrade863d ago

I agree. Amiibos are nice and all, but it would be great to see even more games released.

just-joe862d ago

Because Yoshi, Mario Maker,Xenoblade, Star Fox, Fatal Frame, and Devils Third aren't enough.

MNGamer-N863d ago

I'm going to have to club a few Nintendo geeks out of the way in line this year. I'm sick of not getting mine.

theFAYEsorceress863d ago

so let me guess: more fake limited quantities and store exclusive ones?