Mafia 3 Tackles Racism and the Vietnam War in 1960's New Orleans


You would expect that a game with "Mafia" in the title would focus on the Italian mob, but Mafia III is taking the series in a direction few could have predicted could have predicted.

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Cy1141d ago

So it's basically pushing political views while pretending it's a game. Definite skip, then.

Codewow1141d ago

You could, ignore that and, enjoy the game?

WeAreLegion1141d ago

How do you decide where to put the commas? Do you just load them in a gun and scattershot them in?

Codewow1141d ago

@WeAreLegion, Pretty much. I mean, it is the mafia. Spraying at people is 90% of the job!

Godmars2901141d ago

You can ignore such story elements, unless they hit you over the head repeatedly.

MrSwankSinatra1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Yeah because tackling racism in a game that's set in a real life time where racism was at it's height is totally pushing a political view. /s

All you managed to display was pure ignorance.

morganfell1141d ago

I don't have an issue with that but they have seemingly removed that mobster feeling, that Godfatheresque atmosphere that was in the first two games. Plenty of titles these days are preaching social justice and all that mess. And shooters are a dime a dozen. Instead of staying unique, they have taken the Mafia name and just used it as another shooter on a social tirade having sacrificed the original Mafia identity in the process.

At a time when the Marcello and Carolla were tearing into New Orleans, we get a soldier come home revenge story that misses already where Mafia II hit. What a waste of an IP.

MrSwankSinatra1141d ago

@morganfell The mafia is not limited to having a godfather esque type of atmosphere due to the fact that that type of mafia isn't the only type that exists. There have been multiple mafias across history that are of different races and philosophies. BTW godfather esque mafia type of media is overused and i'm happy 2k is taking the mafia series into a new direction.

morganfell1140d ago

That was what the mafia was known for and it is that for which the mafia games were known. Now it goes from being a mafia game to being a game with influences of organized crime. Can you not see the difference? Did you not play the other games?

And you completely miss the mark about the mafia. The mod is a general term whereas mafia is not.

You are making the same mistake thinking mafia is a standardized term for any organized crime in history. Oh look, the people running imports to avoid the taxes of King George must have been in the mafia. No, just no.

MrSwankSinatra1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

@Morganfall Mafia - an organized international body of criminals, operating "originally" in Sicily and now especially in "Italy" and "the US" and having a complex and ruthless behavioral code.

Sorry, but mafia is a broad term. It may have originated in Sicilian culture, but has since then been a term used for other collectives of people that have this sort of mafia code.

Also yes I have played the previous two and no I don't care about whether they chose to keep the atmosphere because this series isn't called "Sicilian Mafia" or "Italian Mafia" it's just called "Mafia." Therefore the creators have leeway to take the series into whatever direction they choose when it comes to the whole Mafia concept.

morganfell1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

You must be young. Sorry but the mafia, particularly in the 60s and 70s referred to La Cosa Nostra.

You also seem to want to interchange the words mafia and mob.

Even more important than the origins of organized crime, you also seem too young to understand, or else are intentionally ignoring the inspiration material for the games and the creation of the gaming IP Mafia in the first place.

Considering his past, I don't think your namesake would be very proud of a skewed interpretation of mafia.

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iceman061141d ago

And you know this because??? Oh, because you just want to make off the cuff decisions based on nothing but basic information about the plot???

Christopher1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Yeah, because no other games in history, especially not big AAA games, have ever talked about political things. Shoot, most war games are just guys going and shooting things all randomly.

Mafia II - Vito returns from the war and joins the Falcone crime family along with his childhood friend and works his way up the ladder.

Mafia 3 - Clay returns from the war, finds himself at odds with the ruling mafia, joins with other like minded criminals who create their own crime family.

Man, really pushing those political ideas.

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Erik73571141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Why can't a game do that again? Sorry if you don't want to educate yourself politically and learn different political outlooks......I mean to a certain context every game has some political view to it, some just not as blatant.

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slate911141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Wow @ Cy's comment. Anyways, this is awsome news. Even more stuff to feel immersed in that era. That was a serious issue during that time period

Shazz1141d ago

never understood why some people read to much into things especially with games

iceman061141d ago

Sadly...because they LOOK to read too much into things. Some people have just become that way.

Shazz1141d ago

the world has really become too sensitive

Vermigs1141d ago

Because they want to be outraged and angry at something, regardless of what it actually is.

Erik73571141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Games can have serious themes to them..."just a game" well it can just spread a powerful message just like any other medium of entertainment

PhoenixUp1141d ago

This has piqued my interest in this game. Not a lot of games handle such sensitive topics as racism and the Vietnam War.

Erik73571141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

I know, we need more mature games like this that aren't afraid to have bold topics and issues that are relatable to our society.

Shineon1141d ago

Can't wait to buy this game!!!

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