How The Taken King Is Going To Change Destiny For The Better And Beyond – Gamescom 2015

Clipping Error report on the news coming from Gamescom 2015 about The Taken King, the next expansion for Destiny. The expansion is reworking a lot of the content from the vanilla game, as well as adding a load of new features for fans to get excited about, so Clipping Error discuss them at length to ascertain exactly what is known so far.

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warczar1075d ago

Too little to late. I've never felt so burned by a game in my life.

JWiLL5521075d ago

Too little too late? It's the beginning of year 2 in a 10 year timeline.

They acknowledged that they screwed up a lot with vanilla Destiny, but anyone willing to give up on Bungie this early is crazy. They're still incredibly talented, as evidenced but the top notch gunplay, mechanics, visuals, etc.

The game wouldn't still have so many players and attention paid to it if the core mechanics were bad.

Nitrowolf21075d ago

All the latest dlc content didn't really show much IMO, HOWEVER that was most likely due to it just being cut content. I look at the taken king and everything bungie has stated it has done with it and i see a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. I;m gonna give ttk a go, but I'm actually more excited now for Destiny 2

_-EDMIX-_1075d ago

It very much is too late. Its 2 years into a 10 year timeline of a bland concept.

Its just a killing gallery. I'm pretty sure we won't just have it turn into fallout with a deep, deep open world, with NPC's giving quest and telling you the story of the fall, full exploitable cities to explore etc.


Well...what about the folks who like Destiny currently? They are the ones who are paying for it, thus...its likely the games concept won't change to hurt that.

Those that hate Destiny's small, bland, lifeless worlds...will continue to not like them, but clearly will also not come back, thus...why change the current concept for current paying consumers for those that hated it and didn't return?

At this point, I think its too late. They imho and most of gaming felt they marketed Destiny to be something it really wasn't and even if we say they directly stated certain things during their marketing videos, its very clear they are painting a picture of Destiny that actually really isn't the same as what would be conveyed through other IPs.

Example. Large world, planets to explore, amazing single player.

I could be talking about many, many games, but the reality is...some games offer that MORE then others, yet why market something that way knowing its not actually truthful compared to other titles?

You could market Star Citizen and Mass Effect the same way.....yet 1 does it, the other does it at a lessor.

The reality is, they knew this while marketing Destiny. The single player is literally a joke, they are making it seem as its telling this epic story, yet its just a bunch of fetch quests, kill quest etc with some narration. They should have never sugar coated what the game at its core was. Why fake the funk?

antz11041075d ago


The game came out less than a year ago I'm curious where you're getting two years from.

The game has a great concept at its core: explore planets with other guardians and get epic loot. The leveling overhaul is proof that Bungie is listening to its fanbase, that's a MAJOR change. It gives me hope for the games life cycle.

JWiLL5521075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )


You don't seem to understand what the Destiny community has been badgering Bungie about for the last 10 months.

Do you think they're just sitting there going "Gee this bland open world is great Bungie! Never change it!"

There's been a TON of critical feedback from the same players who are still putting in hundreds of hours of PT. Bungie is on the forums like Reddit and Neogaf building lists from those suggestions. Some of them have already made it into updates.

It was a new IP with a tumultuous initial development. We may never know what happened at Bungie in that last year of development but it affected the vanilla game a lot. Doesn't mean this expansion and the future true sequel (current gen only) can't be what they originally envisioned.

Bungie is still one of the more talented developers out there, acting like it's too late at the beginning of year 2 is hilarious.

I don't expect to see anything close to their initial vision until Destiny 2, but this looks like a step in the right direction.

warczar1074d ago

Yeah, the core mechanics are what kept me around to play through the dark below. It's the dirty underhanded dlc practices that made me put the game down and never want to touch it again.

warczar1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )


Your pretty forgiving, I'm guessing you weren't there from the start. If you were and are still grinding good for you. For me and my friends buying a beta that Activision/Bungee charged a premium for its something that can't be overlooked and will always be in the back of our minds whenever we buy something with Assholevision/Bungee slapped on the cover.

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antz11041075d ago

You should get back in. I did after a 9 month break and the game is so much better now.

marlinfan101075d ago

Yeah that's the same thing I did. I just startedplaying a few weeks after HoW dropped and I'm loving the game again. Trials every weekend is the most fun I've had in a multiplayer game in long time

warczar1074d ago

I didn't pre-order the dlc cause I like to know what I'm buying before I buy it and I don't loan money to corporations. So you can imagine my surprise and anger the day the dark below came out and I discovered I was locked out of the weekly and daily until I paid up. I might play it again after the super-duper-ultra edition comes out at the end of year ten but no way will I be an early adopter that gets screwed again.

antz11041074d ago


There's other things to do in the game BEYOND the daily and weekly, and if your bent on playing those scenarios they constantly change.....daily and weekly. So it's possible to NOT get the dlc and still have a great experience. Personally I've never touched the dlc for this game and I still have more than enough in game to keep me occupied.

wsoutlaw871075d ago

People who are excited about the stuff bungie announces about ttk really surprise me. How many times will you let them trick you by hyping these awesome additions and seriously under delivering. Go look up how bungie has described anything about destiny before it came out. They claimed that destiny would have so much content you may never finish it. Look at their claims for those stupid ships, the open world with tons of players, the games story, poe, iron banner, crota raid, the light house, and really every aspect of the game. They actually think the eris bounties were side quest story lines that added great story telling and was a lot of content. Who wasn't able to finish any of the previous dlcs content in a night or 2? Now they want 40$ for the next one!? They managed to not include a promised raid and replaced it with a boring wave mode that takes an unnecessary amount of time that offers no reason to replay it. I play for fun not arbitrary loot so adding so new loot to the same old crap doesn't excite me. I love the gameplay of destiny and have a lot of fun in trials but they under-deliver and over price everything they release. This game could have been great if they just made the game they claimed it was. Instead they relied on a micro transaction game formula to keep people addicted rather than trying to keep them having fun.

sactownlawyer9161075d ago

Me too I have 3 level 31 characters and bought the second dlc but only played it once. I almost feel I have to get this because I've invested so much time in the game. I was in the alpha beta and day 1. I just want matchmaking for content going to a third party site is so stupid.

JWiLL5521075d ago

The only thing you can't match make for now is raids, nightfalls and trials of osiris.

They need matchmaking for Nightfall strikes, but matchmaking for raids and trials would be a disaster. Takes about 2 mins on an LFG site to find a group tho.

DeathbyHubris1075d ago

I'm not sure I would like matchmaking in Nightfalls. I like being able to start one and then have someone join in later... or even solo them.

Christopher1075d ago

Until they get rid of the completely "lotto" based equipment system, I'm not sure I can get back into the game anytime soon. It's just a system that encourages grinding for another chance, which isn't respecting my time or effort.

DeathbyHubris1075d ago

One thing they definitely need to do is fix the PvP connection. I just posted an article showing how bad it can be. It's not even playable sometimes.

ChronoJoe1075d ago

I have 3 level 34 characters but I kind of just don't care anymore. They're taking the wrong approach to everything and this new expansion includes even LESS content than the core game. So anyone that thought the core experience was a ripoff in regards to content will feel short changed here too! It doesn't make sense.

People keep saying their making changes, going in the right direction, and in some ways that's true, they're streamlining the games systems, making it less of a grind, but it's still going to be a grind to get the exotics and whatnot, and that grind is still going to hit players like a brick wall because of how little content there is.

JWiLL5521075d ago

They actually said this expansion has more new weapons than the original game + 2 DLCs combined.

The 8 story missions are just "act 1", followed by quest lines given by various NPCs, also quests related to certain characters from the lore (like Praedyth).

4 new strikes, a new raid, a new patrol area.

8 new PVP maps and 3 new crucible game types is almost as much as launch.

This costs almost half what the original game did here in Canada so I don't see how it's a rip off. The people who should be mad are those in the UK who got screwed by Activision not realizing what currency exchange is.

ChronoJoe1075d ago

It costs 2/3rds in the UK, and the original game offered 6 strikes and something like 18 story missions?

The quantity of new weapons is interesting but if people are playing the same small set of content to earn those then it become a grind.

wsoutlaw871075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

"Quest lines" are just bounties. The 8 story missions will probably take no time to finish. 40$ for 1 raid and some new maps is kind of crazy. They aren't increasing the number of usable weapons in the game because they are making pre-dlc weapons crap.

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