Mafia 3: 7 Things That Shocked Us | Gamesradar


James is joined by Andy who has just had his first look at Mafia 3, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Genuine-User1079d ago

Looks good so far. I wan't to see more.

TeamLeaptrade1079d ago

The gameplay looks great. I just hope the story is solid. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.

iceman061079d ago

This sounds awesome to me. The gameplay already looks pretty tight. The story seems like it has real possibility to tell a different type of story than we've seen (though with similar tropes or vengeance) or at least an alternate perspective. The atmosphere is exciting as well. One thing that is underrated in Mafia games, IMO, is the soundtrack. They do a really good job of mixing and matching songs from the eras that they choose. (maybe not as well as GTA, but a very close second!!!) I know MANY won't dig the focus on the Black Mafia, but this is a chance to get an education (for those that didn't or don't know). I'm excited.