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"Kholat isn’t a perfect exploration game by any means. The story becomes a bit flummoxing, the narration sometimes going off track and never really explaining in full what’s going on. The environments can also get very samey at times, with the awkward map system not telling you where you are not helping when you try to get around. What Kholat gets right however, it gets VERY right. Graphics are superb in the game along with the sound design. They manage to really immerse you into the experience, make you feel like you are truly there in the mountains. Most importantly though is the way the game tugs at your emotions – mainly fear. It makes you feel uncertain at every moment, and it’s really effective. Kholat will leave a lasting impression with me, and it certainly is a good one. It has it’s downsides, but what it does right certainly outweighs them. Kholat is a game I’d recommend everyone to experience; I know I’ll be visiting those mountains again very soon."

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