Is Activision’s Monetisation of the Skylanders Kart Mode Too Much?

Activision has confirmed that the upcoming Skylanders: SuperChargers will have an online Mario Kart-like racing mode, but very little is available out of the box.

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SlappingOysters1077d ago

Agreed on this - two tracks just isn't good enough for a genuine mode. It should be considered and marketed as a standalone spin-off so you know what you're getting into.

breakpad1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

these people (in Craptivision)are so brash that sell in front of your face half content product(and a very cheaply made)at full price ...i ve said it before BOYCOTT whole together the Activisions products

ZaWarudo1077d ago

I read that as molestation.

SlappingOysters1077d ago

That would have definitely been too much, lol.

PhoenixUp1077d ago

Too much monetization -7.8/10 IGN

Article misspelled monetization as well

MartinB1051077d ago

They didn't misspell it; they just used the International English spelling instead of the US spelling.

MartinB1051077d ago

I dislike Activision as much as anyone, but this just sounds to me like a clever way of distributing a game demo without actually calling it that (unless the Kart racing component compromises the main game itself, but I'm seeing no evidence to support this).

The Kart racing component should really be available as a standalone game though.

contradictory1077d ago

That actually sounds pretty shitty...
But i don't really care about Skylanders to begin with so wheeeeeee.....whatever.