PES gets EURO 2016 License

Konami’s biggest stumbling block in recent years with regards to its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has been its lack of official licenses. However in an attempt to attract more gamers to the series, Konami have announced that they have secured the EURO 2016 license for PES.

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ArchangelMike1082d ago

Konami. After MGSV you will be officially dead to me.

UKmilitia1080d ago

damn right.
the thing is before all this MGS mess i was hoping for PES16 to be decent and i can get away from fifa and there sham that UT has turned into with the pack scams and annoying EA practises.

but i cant justify buying PES no matter what now because of Konami.

1nsomniac1080d ago

I hope that's legit in-game commentary used in the trailer.

Been waiting so long for the commentary systems in both FIFA & PES to be completely scraped & recorded with a decent commentator with some actual passion.

I'm not that keen on the LOD distance though. It goes from looking really good & lifelike then from about 30cm everybody suddenly looks like crap.