Darth Vader Strikes in New Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

Watch as Darth Vader strikes down a poor Rebel soldier and explore Sullust in the latest video showcasing Star Wars Battlefront!

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LightofDarkness1081d ago

I wonder how well those animations sync up in real world gameplay.

Neixus1081d ago

The graphics, my body is ready.

DemonChicken1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Do hope they fix the flying apparently it's god awful

I can see why we didn't get space battles /s

Old_Boss_1081d ago

I played the Alpha , the flying really is really bad.

Septic1081d ago

Dammit! Why? That's such a letdown if true. A lot of people are saying the same. Bah come on dice!

Cherchez La Ghost1081d ago

If I see Vader, I'm running and shooting him at a distance. Knowing he's bouncing laser shots back at me. LoL!

C L O U D1081d ago

I wouldn't even feel bad hiding when Vader's on the map

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