Fatal Frame V has gone Free-to-Start in Europe

It's intriguing to see Nintendo experiment with Free-to-Start on a more niche release in the run up to bigger plans on mobile and its NX platform.

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rjason121077d ago

I really really hope America gets the retail edition.

chaos9991077d ago

Like most of the complex mobile games.
Not a bad idea.

Kurisu1077d ago

Will definitely be checking this out! Need to get an SD card soon, got a Basic Wii U. Shame they're not doing a standard edition.

iplay1up21075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

You would be better off with a HD. I picked up a TB for 50 bucks the size of my wallet. I use a Y cable to connect it to the Wii U. Zero issues and I have a ton of stuff on it.

The brand I have is My Passport

Not to say you need a TB, bit for $50 it was a great deal. Really 500gig would have been enough for me.

The eshop has some really GREAT sales, that is mainly why I have the HD. Hell Darksiders 2 for $9.99 Resident Evil Revelations to $16.99.....yeah some pretty good deals, but you have to check every week. Some sales like Darksiders was only 3 days.

Kurisu1074d ago

Bubble for being helpful! Cheers I'll look in to it :D

TeamLeaptrade1077d ago

This is pretty cool. Now I hope to see it stateside. I would gladly pay for this though.

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