Halo 5: Guardians Blue Team campaign gameplay revealed

The Halo 5: Guardians showcase from yesterday’s Microsoft press briefing at Gamescom 2015 was specific to the multiplayer side of things, with little to no footage from the game’s campaign. That’s all changed today, as 343 Industries has released B-roll gameplay footage from the Blue Team campaign.

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christocolus1148d ago

Nice. I thought they'd show this at the briefing. I liked the part where the AI companions started attacking the hunters with the ground pound also that banshee stage looked pretty cool. Great job 343i. Can't wait.

breakpad1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

it looks like a Halo 4 remaster to me ...unfortunately Halo is drowning more and more from MS's obsession to make it a second COD (and COD is not a good example to follow with its cheap money -bagged development)

StrayaKNT1147d ago

Halo is the most pre ordered exclusive. If it's drowning in pre orders than yeah I understand what you mean lol halo 5=goty

christocolus1147d ago



Ok bro. We believe you. -_-

spicelicka1147d ago

^ This guy knows exactly what he's NOT talking about!

4Sh0w1147d ago

You cant even take this guy serious, hes trolling every Xbox One thread hard, just ignore him.

Halo5 will be my most played game for at least 6 months after release.

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3-4-51147d ago

* I like the different feel of this game.

It's like 70% Halo & 30% new stuff.

It needed it though, as you can't just keep doing the same old.....That is what is ruining the COD franchise.

FlexLuger1147d ago

I need this game so bad...I have been smitten since the beta. MCC has done a good job of keeping my halo fix in check but i like the improvements they made to movement and aiming in halo 5.

StrayaKNT1147d ago

Yeah halo feels so smooth and perfect after playing the beta I thought it was the best fps mp I have ever played to be honest.

d_g1147d ago

looks great and so smooth with the 60fps

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