Fabled Opus motherboard appears in Xbox 360

Darren Murph writes:

"Well, what have we here? One of those unicorn-like Opus motherboards? According to an image put forth by one Electric Tuner, that's exactly what we have. If you'll recall, we heard back in February that Microsoft may be utilizing the Opus mobos in order to fit the newer 65 / 90-nanometer CPU / GPU combo into RRoDed Xbox 360s that are just collecting dust in warehouses."

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Blade Runner3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Yeah "OK" Where is the HDMI socket? Yeah this is really sweet! (NOT)

SupraDOHC3643d ago

This board is meant to be a replacement board for the earlier model 360's that didnt have a HDMI port. Thosee 3-year warranties are going to start ending this November so its good to see they might have a real fix for the defective consoles....

tudors3643d ago

if they put a new mainboard into a repair it does not come with HDMI unless it had it already.

Vicophine3643d ago

I think they should update all RROD'd consoles to that of what is the standard nowadays, HDMI output.

n00bzRtehgey3643d ago

now that RROD is over, looks like you droids are gonna need some new material. that's so two years ago :)

eagle213643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Go ask UPS if the RROD is over... LMAO

zo6_lover273643d ago

Your gonna need new material too, the ps3 is no longer expensive, psn no longer sucks and we have better exclusives than you.

tatotiburon3643d ago can't read? this replacement is only for xbox 360 without HDMI, all the consoles from 2005 to half 2007

4D3643d ago

PSN still sucks compared to Live. 360 still has the larger list of better exclusives available now. PS3 is still more expensive than the 360.

What were you saying again??? Oh thats right. Nothing.

Oh yeah and the HDMI point is moot. Component is just fine for HD videogames. You need HDMI to watch Blu-Ray movies at a 1080P resolution. Otherwise it's not really needed...

REDZEV3643d ago

Your absolutely right Noobz, Everytime I try to share my knowledge and words of wisdom to the less fortunate Sony fanboys you think they would have a true and reasonable counter argument. But no they dont they just throw the "RROD" at me which quite frankly is the only the thing they have. Good example of this is all the 3rd party games being delayed or cancelled for the POS3. Can you honestly name any games for the 360 that have been delayed or cancelled??? none come to mind but hey, we have the RROD. lol

zo6_lover273643d ago

@ Tatotiburon
I noticed that on my second read through

@ 4D

PSN does not suck compared to live, name 5 things live has the PSN doesn't, there's only one I can think of.
And no, a 360 is more expensive, you have to buy wifi, online, batteries and you don't get a next-gen format. With all that the 360 can be $550+, for the pro

4D3643d ago

Actually your wrong. You dont have to buy wifi, plug and charge kit, or pay for online gaming if you dont want to. It's optional. Thats the problem with you Ps3tards. You try to compare the PS3 features to the 360 features due to some insecurity.

It's about the games. And if I just want to play games with the same graphics as a PS3 all I have to do is pay $279.00 for an arcade 360. If I want to play online then I can get the Pro with the 60 GB HDD for $349.00 and pay $49.00 yearly for a superior online gaming service. No additional hardware needed.

Unlike the PS3 where you have to buy HD cables. Replace your 6-axis controller just to get force feedback or once the battery dies. Buy a Bluetooth headset. You want to talk about extra costs. Well their they are.

The reason Xbox Live is superior to PSN is that it has been integrated into every single Xbox 360 game since day 1. In game messaging, voice chat, cross game invites, achievements for every game, you can access everything from inside the game. No need to leave the game for any reason.

PSN tried to tack some of these features on, and most games don't/won't support them. Hell SC4 just got released without force feedback or trophy support.

You done sipping that Sony coolaid yet???

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Polluted3643d ago

Does this mean I can buy an xbox now?

Hopefully these are widely available before Christmas so we can get some real feedback on whether or not this fixes the rrod.

spandexxking3643d ago

the reliable ones have been on sale since late last year.

Tmac3643d ago

Yup... That's what they keep saying, but it hasn't been proven.

irchief3643d ago

too bad they still break

Mr Marbles3643d ago

We will never get a notice saying the RROD is fixed, because there will always be units out there from launch and the first years that are still failing. As of now the RROD is already fixed, but you wouldn't know it because people are still announcing it everytime they get the rrod from launch models.

Just buy one now and you will be fine, all current models are bullet proof, I got one and it is quiet plus runs much cooler.

Charlie26883643d ago

@Polluted: the ones you are asking about are the upcoming Jasper ones

player9113643d ago

I bought my 360 on December 4th 2007... it was one of the newer model Elites. I've never owned a 360 previously to compare... but the system is quiet. I travel to lots of major cities for work, lasting a week or more. I take my 360 with me all over. It's a champ.

I watch lots of movies from my DVD collection (cause it upconverts) and I never hear it spin up or become audible.

wicked3643d ago

Yes, jump in. My original uk launch xbox RRoD after about 20 months, got fixed within 10 days, it's been fine for the past year, it gets used for about 6 hours a day on average. Also I have an UK launch Elite from last year and not had a problem with that unit.

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eagle213643d ago

(clears throat).....Ask UPS if the RROD is over..... :)