Gamescom PES '16 trailer gets physical

The latest trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 from Konami; featuring Alvaro Morata, Neymar, tricks, flicks and lots of bone-crunching tackles.

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totalrecoilzz990d ago

had high hopes for this game but after seeing that the keepers still cannot dive correctly when players shoot from 20 yards out i cannot buy this game.its the same as 15 the keepers just do not stretch out to make the save they just fall 2 one side and its very off putting.

Stringerbell990d ago

You could always try the demo before you write the thing off...

iceman06989d ago

I think this is a bit of a overreaction and overstatement. Yes, it does happen. But, it doesn't happen all of the time. There are times where it boggles the mind, then there are times where the goalie is truly brilliant. IMO (for PES 15), it seems to have more to do with who the keeper IS and what his attributes are. (probably a built in system that goes with stats and scales). Also, it's very physics based. The ball movement and power have a lot to do with how the goalies respond. Either way, I'll wait until the demo to judge this years version.

3-4-5989d ago

This looks really good.

REDGUM990d ago

Umm. Looks better than PES 15 to me. There are plenty of tactics for each keeper i'm sure. Could the trailer just showed of a few of these instead of all of them? I could be wrong but it looks way better to me.

Stringerbell989d ago

Wow that commentary if a whole game can be like that- amazing.

totalrecoilzz989d ago

to all u people disagreeing just look at these 2 goals from gamescom wtf is the keeper doing.

iistuii989d ago

Thanks for the link. Same old unrealistic game as last year. I just watched a whole game of football without a foul. I was in hope this year they addressed it. I played a whole season in PES15 & the AI gave me 1 foul in the whole season, 1 foul.. They call FIFA scripted, but you get red cards yellow cards free kicks & penalties in most matches & it is just a better game. I was all PES years ago. But it lost the plot after the PS2 days, it's getting it back, but there has to be more going on in matches against the AI..

iceman06989d ago

I played a TON of PES 15 and I would say that the problem, while it does exist, isn't always not enough fouls. Often, it's dumb fouls. I've had fouls for perfect tackles, little bumps, etc. In five years, I'm sitting on 4 red cards and about 12 yellow cards. All of that said, I wouldn't call FIFA "just a better game" because of that. I still enjoy the flow of the PES game much more. There is a build up of play that I just can't get with FIFA because it leads itself so much more to break-away play style. (PES CAN be played this way, but if your team isn't a counter-attacking team, you'll likely NOT see any reward for playing this style)
FIFA has always had scripted ways of scoring. It might not always turn out a goal, but there is a much higher chance to score in that manner. In PES, scoring really comes from exploiting the other team or playing to your team's particular strengths (not just individual players either).
I have bounced back and forth between both games since I can remember. At one time, I would buy both. (FIFA was always a fall release and PES would come out in the spring). Now, I pretty much play the demos and decide. That being said, I haven't purchased FIFA since 2013.

iistuii989d ago

@iceman Oh theres no problem me giving fouls. Its the dumb AI, a complete season having 1 foul is a joke. The game could be so good. Fifa is a better game, hated on here like COD because its successful.

iceman06989d ago

If you are talking about getting fouled, then I can see your complaint somewhat. I have still been fouled WAY more than ONCE and so have AI teammates. I think that some of that is the interpretation of the physics engine. FIFA had the same issue when it first did it's physics engine (I know your remember all of those crazy YouTube vids). It DOES need tweaking. Maybe this one will fix that. PES has a way of changing after their initial demo. (they used to do one in August and one around the release)
I don't think FIFA is "hated because it's successful" as much as it's hated because it is successful because it's pretty, licensed, and promoted to death. But, ultimately, is a shallow representation of the sport for many who consider themselves "football purists". I don't necessarily agree with it ALL. But, as I stated, I DO enjoy the on-field gameplay of PES a bit more. I don't hate on anybody who enjoys FIFA...I ENJOY FIFA. It's just that I've enjoyed PES much more in the last few years.

totalrecoilzz989d ago

he attempts to dive for the ball when its already by him same crap as pes 15 u dummies

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