New FIFA 16 proclaims "football is back" as preorders hit their lowest price yet

Dealspwn: Closing the show at EA's Gamescom press conference this morning was a brand new trailer for FIFA 16, highlighting yet more graphical improvements and game engine improvements. Coincidentally, you can also pre-order this year's edition for current-gen consoles for a record low price thanks to Rakuten's latest voucher code.

There's still a few months until this year's edition is released, which will contain the latest squad listings and all manner of graphical improvements, but the big new additions this time around are the FUT Draft mode, and the inclusion of international female players. Considering how popular the recent Women's World Cup has been, I suspect there will be many players wishing to virtually recreated some of the impressive displays from this year's tournament.

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sephiroth4201081d ago

its 50 fucking pounds on the origin store for the normal edition, they can fuck right off, why is there no deals for the pc version?