Explore unlockable adventures with LEGO Dimensions. Trailer and numerous screens revealed

Neil writes "Gamescom has been the cornerstone of many a reveal and Warner Bros have dropped some new info regarding LEGO Dimensions...and the Adventure Worlds sound very promising!"

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oKidUKo1146d ago

LEGO Movie world stands out so much with all it's amazing colours. Can't wait to go back there

3-4-51146d ago

Did I just see the Stay puft Marshmallo man from Ghostbusters & Springfield ?

Never played a lego game but this one actually looks kind of fun.

lemoncake1146d ago

Stay puft marshmallow man... take my money!

wheatley1146d ago

This looks great, until I realised it was their answer to Amiibo and Disney Infinity. This will be one expensive Lego game to play...