Video Review Of Soul Calibar IV

IGN Video review after the jump!!

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-EvoAnubis-3705d ago

I figured Yoda would be kinda cheap given his height (or lack thereof). Glad to see that Vader is more balanced.

buckethead_X3705d ago

Sounds like a delicious treat XD Seriously though, this game looks amazing and the review was pretty cool. The story probably just got approved before you could fix it (^-^)--b

TheDeadMetalhead3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

..."But I wore a condom, I swear!" XD

This sucks! I can't watch the video because I don't have that Adobe crap or whatever. Can someone at least tell me the score? :(

The Mikester3705d ago

Vader is awesome and i would definetely play as him and mostly play as him every time i'd play the game.

Jamaicangmr3705d ago

So Yoda is basically like "Gon" from Tekken 3 then. Alot of fun to play with but way too short and annoying to fight and your not able to grab him either.

My copy is in the mail CAN NOT WAIT!!! Be very afraid all of you be very afraid.