I've Played Destiny For 950 Hours - And I Hate Myself

Jordan Sims: "We can all see that Destiny shouldn’t be as popular as it is. So how has it enthralled so many of us despite its obvious deficiencies?"

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Sureshot1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Devoting 40 entire days to a single video game is INSANE.
Literally, ask Vaas for the definition of insanity.

"The fact is, people don’t get randomly addicted to games like this. There are always very good reasons as to why people put so many hours into something. Destiny is kind of a great game"
No, no it's not. It's called psychological manipulation and scheduled reward system.

shodan741077d ago

It's an awful lot, that's for sure! Personally, the most I've ever sank into a game was about 300 into Fallout 3.

That's if you exclude Championship Manager of course. My addictiveness rating was 'remember to breathe'.

cpayne931077d ago

I've put 500 hours into age of empires 2... Can't believe I've put that much time into it. A lot of it was just sitting in lobbies too. I would never have played that much if I didn't have friends to play with.

Still, I never get bored of the game. And I know people who have put over 1000 hours into it.

Before AoE, the most time I put into a game was demon's souls at 150 hours.

TLG19911077d ago

It is a terrible game, i played it for about 22 hours total and that is a lot for a game you think is terrible. it was okay for the initial part, but my god it is boring.

It blows my mind that people are still ploughing through this game, i am all for rewards throughout game play to keep you engaged but this game is no where near good enough to justify the play time people put in for an extra rank number or an extra 1 power damage on an exotic title gun.

But each to their own, if your playing with friends and having a good time, then fair enough, i suppose thats what games are about.

vickers5001077d ago

It really is a good game... with friends. I've put a similarly embarrassing amount of time into Destiny as well, but it's solely because of the people I met whilst playing it. Had I not found several of the coolest online friends playing Destiny, I'd have quit 3 months in, perhaps even less. It's also the only reason I'm getting the taken king.

Despite its MANY flaws, it is a really good game to play with friends, more so than most any other online game I've ever played. I mean yeah, there are other online games we could play, but they aren't as addictive and don't bring you back as much as Destiny does, plus, not everyone has the same tastes and can buy the same game all together.

It's not that everyone who plays it thinks it's still a great game hundreds of hours in, it's that it's just plain addictive (in a bad way I'll admit, apparently they hired psychologists to make sure it was addictive) and it's fun with friends. The loot system is crap because it's designed to give you just enough to want more, but never everything you want because you'll stop playing once you have everything. I myself only do nightfalls and weeklies, and only if my group is on. I play games other than Destiny, but I will be returning for the taken king.

I'm not really excusing Destinys quality, every complaint anyone makes about Destiny, has been said by everyone in our group many times, but just trying to explain to those who are baffled at the people who still play the game why we still play.

Brotard1077d ago

I played for 40 hours or so and was so upset cause i couldn't level up and wasn't having much fun. House of wolves came out and it changed everything, drop rates were better, better gear, didn't need as many people for the end game content. This game is incredible when played right.

KyRo1077d ago

Yes destiny is a great game. No it's not perfect and has quite a lot of underlying issues of DLC greed and sub par story but the game is great and one of the best online coop games in AGES.

Mr-Dude1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Sub par story? The story was terrible with huge canyon like holes and jumps in it...
but hey I don't have time to explain ^^

Gameplay was great though

AnotherGamer1171077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I was among the dedicated to Destiny (over 400 hours) but the "scheduled reward system" finally wore me down. I got so tired of grinding for absolutely the most ridiculously useless rewards that I was finally able to quit the game.

I went back into Destiny to try out HoW expansion and found 2 missions and baren "reef" area to explore (which took all of about 30 minutes to complete). I also found out the "magic" (i.e. psychological manipulation) is gone. Without the desire start grinding again, I didn't try out the prison of elders.

I will not be buying "The Taken King" and I am waiting to see how they handle Destiny 2.0 (a new full version of the game every 2 years). The next full version of Destiny had better be more like Elder Scrolls or the Witcher or I will not buy it.

Losso-Oso1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I think Destiny is a great game. Just because it is not the game for you, does not mean it's not a great game.

I've put well over 400 hours at this point into the game, and I have loved every minute of it. It does have its problems, the story was virtually none existing, but this has been improved quite a bit.

The DLC plan is very Activision-ish, and honestly if it wasn't because my wife gave me the season pass as a gift, I would have probably not purchased the Dark Below DLC. House of Wolves was pretty great though.

Point is, there are multiple types of games for multiple people, no need to bash a game just because its not the type you like.


So you want a shooter with light RPG elements to drop the shooter part and become more of a western RPG? Destiny has many and I mean many different elements from many different genres, but for you to say that unless they make it more like games x and y or you will not buy it, why not just buy the game that you want.

You know what games are just like the Witcher and Elder scrolls? The Witcher and Elder scrolls!

Omnisonne1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Each to his own sure, but I don't think it's a great game by any means.. it lacks in almost everything its trying to do.

If you see 4 people crouching in front of a cave shooting the same wave of enemies over and over and over, for 3+ hours straight, it's gotta raise some questions about the games' design no?

The only thing that I did occasionally enjoy was the PvP, but that too was thrown out of balance real quick

Losso-Oso1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )


I hate the fact that I can't just reply to you directly, but it is what it is.

Yeah, the loot cave and peoples reaction to it was very indicative of a problem with the loot system when Destiny first launched. And if that would still be the case, I would completely agree with you.

However, and thankfully, that is no longer the case, and hasn't been so in 10 months. The Cryptarch issue was fixed so you no longer got a common or rare item out of a legendary engram, which was beyond frustrating.

There have also been a myriad of change to the patrol areas and public events. So even just going out and about to do bounties and random stuff with friends can be so much fun.

But that is exactly the point I wanted to make with my super long comment down below, Destiny can be an incredibly boring game if you are going at it alone. And now that more content has been released, it can be even daunting to take on as a newbie, specially if you are alone.

Unless you are involved with the community, you don't have to have a clan but it does help a lot, unless you have at least 5 friends that play as well, Destiny might not be worth it for you.

There is nothing that I find more fun, than when my 2 closest buddies and I, go into lfg sites, or the Bungie forums, and help people out to complete their first Raid, or get Flawless in Trials.

We end up making new friends and helping people out. Even today, there are a ton of people that have never attempted the Raids or Prison of Elders, or have never tried Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris, and there are still people buying the game new, and just starting out.

One of the things that we love to do, my friends and I, is we love to do drunken Raids on the weekend. We start the night in PvP, mostly pub stomping people (we are not proud of it, but with out custom matches its the only choice)and we take shots every time we loose a zone, after two or three matches everyone is pretty sauced, then the drunken raid begins and hilarity ensues.

My friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed this game and have gotten a lot more than our money's worth.

And at the end of the day, isn't that the point?

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iceman061077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I wouldn't call that "insane". I would call that someone who must be having some sort of fun with the game. People have amassed thousands of hours in games like LoL, Dota, CoD, various RPG's, etc. That "psychological manipulation and scheduled reward system" is pretty big part of game theory in general. Sure, the rewards differ and the manipulation might not be the same. But, all games have them. From advancing to the next level, beating level bosses, to that magical weapon that's a must have. Hell, even the old school High Score was just a dangling carrot. In the end, games are DESIGNED to hook us in one way or another. How we respond to that hook determines the amount of time we spend with it.
I played Destiny for about 5 months. I had a lot of fun while I was playing. But, eventually, the magic just wore off. The grind was not paying off. So, as easily as I started, I stopped. The hook was out and I just swam away to games that I was having more fun with.

3-4-51076d ago

* Imagine applying that time to learning an instrument or learning how to paint.

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BigBosss1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I spend most of my time playing Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4 and I love it! Gave up on this useless game few weeks after the release. Game became so dull and Bungie took 95% of the content out of the game.

1077d ago
Tedakin1077d ago

Doing what? I don't get how people keep playing Destiny. I played it for 25 hours and did everything I can find to do.... Is there 900 hours of content? Is it all the PVP multiplayer?

TLG19911077d ago

it blows my mind also, its all about loot collecting, so its an infinite cycle as you finish quests you may get a gun with and extra 1 damage point and that means soooooo much to some people for some reason.

I know a guy who still plays it day in day out to this day, he buys every other game but never plays anything else. i literally mean he buys them and NEVER play them. i nearly blow a gasket with the amount of amazing games he has just not played because he wont stop playing destiny.

i bought ORI for my xbox and the same guy saw me playing it, when i saw him he said he thought it was my girlfriend playing it... hes one of those...

spacedelete1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

some people on my friends list literally play this 24/7 and play little to nothing else. its not like its even a good game and i couldn't even stand playing the alpha and beta because it bored me to death so its crazy how a trash game like this is the most revenue generated game this gen. fools will be fools.

Mr-Dude1077d ago

If you want loot play borderlands or Diablo, better than the rng from destiny

Destiny and their system doesn't really work

farrelljade1077d ago


Dude what are you going on about 'extra 1 damage point on weapons after quests?' Can you please elaborate on these as I cannot find them!

WellyUK1077d ago

It's just a massive grind which for some reason people bloody love, it's the same as with games like Diablo where it's just all about the loot and getting that slightly better head piece.

Oschino19071077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Diablo has a full story, way more overall content, gives better loot and more often while being useful loot, has actual variety to it's grind and isn't stuck in a perpetual trickle of DLC content to barely advance in the story/content.

Destiny will have 3-4 DLC/Expansions before Diablo which came out 3yrs earlier will have 2 and still be lacking in every category. Boggles my mind when people even attempt to compare the two when It's obvious which one offers so much more.

WellyUK1077d ago

Uhm i'm not i'm just saying that they are similar and have similar reasons for why people play them which is the loot, not saying one is better than the other because both are meh to me.

paul-p19881077d ago

The difference is with other games that you need to grind (my current favourite is Toukiden Kiwami on the Vita) is that you know a reward will be coming soon, no matter how many hours you put in it (for me, normally about 5hrs before a decent gain is found) and you carry on working at it because you can see your goal in sight.

With Destiny, you grind in the hope that after a week or 2 you may have FINALLY got a blue engram for a gun that is 2 more attack points better than you current gun, but have just spent 20hrs throwing away green engrams/lvl3 armour you got from doing a lvl 32 strike....

I did like Destiny, but MMO's and JRPG's do the grinding/reward system so much better and don't just infuriate and alienate their players in the process. One of the biggest reasons I haven't played Destiny for about 2months now.

Clown_Syndr0me1077d ago

Played for a couple of days and was so bored of doing the same things over and over in the same locations.

Summons751077d ago

The same reason people keep playing any MMO. People find it fun to replay dungeons and get better armor to make their character the best they can. Destiny is an MMO through and through.

Oschino19071077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

You clearly have never played a proper MMO.

Having MMO elements (and horrid ones at that) in a clearly non MMO game makes Jack a dull boy.

paul-p19881077d ago

That's the difference, in an actual MMO you grind the same quests to get better armour and almost expect to be able to improve. In my experience I play Destiny for a few weeks and still have the same gear as all I got was common drops.
Seriously?! I'm running lvl 32 or lvl 34 strikes, why do I want a lvl 6 gauntlet as a reward?!?!?!?! lol

Mr-Dude1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Destiny is not a MMO... Elements Yes, but MMO.. No


cpayne931077d ago

People keep playing MMOs because they use psychological tactics to keep you playing, regardless of whether you are having fun or not. And destiny does similar things.

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DARK WITNESS1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

the loot system is something akin to gambling almost..

you keep playing and playing and playing till you hit the jackpot (in this case it's a exotic weapon)..

then bungie release new exotics, legendaries with just the slightest differences but you just have to have it.. so the cycle continues.

Destiny is a rubbish game, with almost perfect gameplay mechanics and a loot system that's been cooked up by head shrinks to push every button in your subconscious mind that leaves you feeling an uncontrollable urge to collect pointless digital crap!

of course different people get addicted to different degrees, some can see it for what it is not not be hooked at all.

I gave up on destiny after about 3 months of playing it and even then I hated myself for supporting it that long.

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Software_Lover1077d ago


I need to get a group together to do Vault of Glass, and Prison of elders (Xbox One). I'm pissed that I can't do it through matchmaking. There are only 2 people on my friends list who play Destiny. If you are willing to help or want to play shoot me a PM and we will exchange Gamertag info and schedule something up.

Software_Lover1077d ago

I have a ps4, just not Destiny.

chrisx1077d ago

I don't blame you bro, I would hate myself too. But your crazy.

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