Star Wars Battlefront Website Reveals Full Squadron Mode Details

The Star Wars Battlefront official site has revealed full details detailing the new Squadron Mode.

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SpaceRanger1144d ago

Seriously Epic!!

Put a fork in the other FIrst Person Shooters coming out this holiday. This game is going to take it all by storm! There's really no denying that.

ThraxN4G1144d ago

For once EA is going to crush Call of Duty sales.

3-4-51144d ago

Getting to play this at the same time the Star Wars movie is released is going to make both of them feel even better.

Getting to watch Episode 7 & then immediately going home and playing awesome Star Wars.....can 't wait.

venom061145d ago

can NOT wait for this.. get to live of my epic Star Wars X-wing battles. Bring on the awesome..

ThraxN4G1144d ago

A-Wing for the win. Crashing into that Star Destroyer won the war!

Nodoze1144d ago

We need a FULL game with just this. A new gen X-wing vs Tie fighter would be absolutely amazing.

SaveFerris1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

EA should just expand on the space battles and release a fully fledged game similar to Ace Combat set in the Star Wars universe or X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.


Beat me to it!

madjedi1144d ago

I will be very surprised if space battles aren't already being worked on in the dlc/season pass. Or in part 2.

As for a new x wing vs tie fighter, sadly that will likely never happen.